Ohka (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 6:05:00 PM

(Thank God It's Friday!)

Let's celebrate because it is Friday! Today, I'm going to talk about one of the Japanese Ramen restaurants located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Ohka. Yeah, I know I have been talking about many restaurants at Pantai Indah Kapuk recently, I just can't help it because there are many new restaurants opening in this area and it is really reachable for me as North Jakarta residents. The restaurant is not really hard to find, it is located near the famous Shirayuki.

Cajun Claws (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 1:12:00 PM

(Merry Christmas everyone!)

How's your Christmas guys? I bet each of you had your own personal Christmas celebration. As for me, I spent my Christmas with my family and I am so happy with that. As you may know, most restaurants also celebrate Christmas by creating new Christmas menu or decorating their restaurants with Christmas decoration. Well, Christmas just bring happiness for everyone, right?

The one that I'm going to talk is one of restaurants that specialized in serving guilty pleasure again! (read: crab) Please welcome Cajun Claws, a seafood restaurant located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk. They aim to bring the real flavors of Lousiana, USA to diners in Jakarta. It has not been long since they opened their restaurant to public, but I could say that they are going to be strong competitor for other seafood restaurants nearby. (you will find out about it later!)

La Creperie (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:24:00 PM

Say hello to La Creperie! A French Restaurant located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The place is good for those who would like to have French-styled breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. (they even have miniature of Eiffel Tower here!) The restaurant is located right beside Kimchi Grandma, I'm sure you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant. By the way, this might be random, but I would like to share that I am feeling really good and happy right now because Christmas is near! (don't you feel the same?)

Above 5 Sky Bar (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 11:53:00 AM

Please welcome the first rooftop bar in Pantai Indah Kapuk area, Above 5 Sky Bar! There are a lot of new restaurants in Pantai Indah Kapuk lately, but I reckon they are the only one with rooftop bar concept. The bar is located in the same building as Kimchi Grandma and apparently both Above 5 Sky Bar and Kimchi Grandma are under same management. (along with Carnivor as well) The place is not really hard to find, it is located nearby Carnivor and Ikkudo Ichi.

Cranky Crab (Kelapa Gading, Jakarta)

by 11:36:00 AM

Introducing a restaurant specialized in serving guilty pleasure (read: crab) for most people, Cranky Crab. Despite being famous for its high cholesterol, many people love crab so much. For me, even though I'm not a huge fan of seafood, I love the fact that crab does not have strong fishy smell compared to other seafood such as clams or particular fishes. The restaurant is located in Kelapa Gading area and it is not really hard to find, it is located in the same building as Samudera Rasa and Happy Puppy.

Sophie Authentique (Kemang, Jakarta)

by 9:21:00 AM

Breakfast is like the most important thing for me, I always try not to skip breakfast everyday. Last weekend, I got a rare chance to have breakfast at Sophie Authentique located at Kemang. I call it rare chance because I rarely visit Kemang area because it is quite far away from my home. Apparently, Sophie Authentique already established 2 outlets and both located in Kemang area, I managed to visit their new outlet located near Pizza Barboni.

Fat Straw (Kelapa Gading, Jakarta)

by 8:33:00 AM

(Hello Saturday!)

Finally, it's Saturday and it's my time to write new post! It's really busy at work these days and I really don't have any time to write during weekdays, so I tried to write a new post every weekend. Today, I would like to talk about the cafe that serves original honey boba called Fat Straw located in North Jakarta, specifically at Kelapa Gading. The place itself is quite hard to find because it is located quite far from other restaurants, but you can rely on map that I have attached at the end of this post!

Shirayuki (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 8:44:00 PM

Please welcome the new Japanese dessert shop located at North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Shirayuki! Apparently, Shirayuki is a re-branding of Kabocha, a Japanese restaurant which served pasta and dessert. They come with new image which provide a lot of cute and "instagenic" Japanese dessert. The place is not really hard to find, it is located near PIK Fresh Market and accross Tzu Chi School, I bet you will recognize it with the help of the crowd, especially if you come on weekend. (I suggest you to come earlier to prevent long queue!)

Tredici Ristorante (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 7:57:00 PM
Tredici Ristorante


The word means "Let's Eat" in Italian, and I have a reason why I use that word as the opening for this review. Introducing Tredici Ristorante, an Italian restaurant located at Senopati. I am quite fond of Italian food and I decided to give Tredici Ristorante a try. The restaurant is not really hard to be found, it is located not far from Crematology Coffee Roasters, but on the opposite side. I'm sure you will easily find this restaurant if you follow the direction on the map. (you can find it at the end of this post!)

Pancious (Central Park, Jakarta)

by 7:51:00 PM

(I know it's a little bit late, but Happy Halloween!)

I got invited by Pancious to try their new menu on Halloween day, their new menu will be available to public starting from 10 November 2014. Apparently, Pancious has decided to renew the concept of their restaurant with "Marketplace" concept. I personally love their new concept, the restaurant just seem cozier for me. Oh, and because the event is held on Halloween Day, there were a lot of Halloween decorations on our table that day which you can find on the picture below. (check it out!)

Mokka Coffee Cabana (Pluit Village, Jakarta)

by 6:20:00 PM
Mokka Coffee Cabana

(Say Hello to Mokka!)

Recently, I found one coffee shop that definitely grabbed my heart and made it to my favorite coffee shop list. (I'll tell you the reason later on, so keep reading!) Introducing Mokka Coffee Cabana, a coffee shop located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pluit Village. The coffee shop was a little bit hard to find, considering it is located near the corner, but just follow the direction or ask the information center inside the mall, and you will arrive at Mokka Coffee Cabana without any problem.

betterchocolatethannever (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 8:16:00 PM

(Raise your hand if you love chocolate!)

*raising hand* I really really love chocolate, especially chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chocolate drink and other chocolate-based food. Me and fellow blogger friends decided to visit this dessert shop which specialized in serving chocolate dessert named betterchocolatethannever. (that's quite a long name) The place is not really hard to find, located across Collete & Lola, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this place!

The Twenty8 (SCBD, Jakarta)

by 12:05:00 PM
The Twenty8

(Hello weekend!)

Say hi to new revamped restaurant in SCBD area, The Twenty8! (this place was formerly known as Pad @ 28) I got invited along with fellow blogger friends to try their newly launched brunch menu. The restaurant is not really hard to find, it is located near the borderline of SCBD and they have quite good amount of parking area.

Hospitalis Resto & Bar (Gandaria, Jakarta)

by 8:24:00 PM

(Do you like going to the hospital?)

Well, I guess no, unless you are a doctor, nurse or someone who work at the hospital. I don't really like hospital as well, but how about eating at a restaurant with hospital concept? Why not? So, last weekend, I decided to go to Hospitalis Resto & Bar with my friends and I bet some of you must have known about this place before. I reckon this is the only one restaurant with hospital concept in Jakarta. (let me know if there's another one!)

Marugame Udon (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 8:42:00 PM

Please welcome the 8th outlet of Marugame Udon at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town! This restaurant has always been crowded since they established their first outlet which is located at Mall Taman Anggrek. Now, they have outlet in one of the biggest and most crowded mall in Jakarta, I could predict that this place will be super crowded as well. The restaurant is strategically located at near the escalator, so I bet you will easily find this place.

Mapogalmaegi (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:03:00 AM

(Calling out all pork lovers in Jakarta!)

Say hello to Mapogalmaegi, a Korean BBQ restaurant originated from Korea has finally opened their first outlet in Indonesia! Their first outlet is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, a famous dining spot in North Jakarta. The restaurant is not really hard to find, it is located near the famous dessert shop Shirokuma, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.

[New Breakfast Menu] Carnivor (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 8:52:00 AM

Good news for all of us! Carnivor has launched a new breakfast menu! (yay!) You can enjoy their breakfast menu every Tuesday - Sunday starting from 07.30 - 11.00 AM. Carnivor is located in Pantai Indah Kapuk, one of the hippest place in North Jakarta. Actually, It hasn't been long since my last visit here and I noticed that there were some improvements such as their brand new breakfast menu and new electronic menu book!

Fish & Co. (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:21:00 PM

Say hello to Fish & Co., one of the best restaurants in serving fish and chips. I bet many of you have tried or at least heard about this restaurant and their legendary fish and chips. They already established around 15 outlets in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar. I went to one of their outlets located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, the place is literally easy to find, it is located near the super famous Sumoboo and they got a huge signage as well, so no worries!

Historia Food & Bar (Kota, Jakarta)

by 7:02:00 PM

Truthfully and sadly, I have been living in Jakarta for almost 15 years and I never properly visited this historical place called Taman Fatahillah. I have visited the immigration office which is located near Taman Fatahillah back then, but I didn't even take a walk at this place due to my busy schedule. Even worse, I have been passing through this place everyday on my way to office!

Finally that day has come, it's my first time ever having a proper trip to Kota Tua, especially Taman Fatahillah. (yay!) The place was super crowded at that time and I could notice several tourists walking here and there. If only the place was cleaner, I'm sure this place will be loaded with tourists even more. To replenish my energy after having a trip at Taman Fatahillah, I decided to have a light lunch at Historia Food & Bar.

Holdak Crispy Chicken (Pluit Village, Jakarta)

by 12:15:00 PM

(It's not duck..... It's chicken)

It has been a long time since I have been to Pluit Village, I used to come to this mall very often, like almost every week during my childhood. (if I'm not mistaken, the name was Mega Mall at that time) Strangely, this mall was less crowded than it was, even though it's weekend and they had event that day, the mall was not fully packed with people.

I was craving for fried chicken that day and I saw this Korean fried chicken restaurant named Holdak Crispy Chicken, so I decided to give it a try! Apparently, Holdak Crispy Chicken is a chicken store originated from Korea (specifically Busan) and they already have several outlets in Korea, Philippines, and Indonesia.

Otosan Suki (Menteng, Jakarta)

by 10:55:00 AM

Otosan Suki is a Japanese restaurant that specialized in serving Japanese food such as sushi and suki. The restaurant has been established for 8 years and they already have several outlets in Indonesia. Last weekend, I got a chance to try their food at their outlet at Menteng area. The restaurant itself is not really hard to find, it's located on the 3rd floor of Gedung 57 Building. You have to go through the "mini" lift to reach this restaurant.

Waffle & Co (Dharmawangsa, Jakarta)

by 7:34:00 PM
Waffle & Co

(Do you like waffles?)

If yes, then you really have to go to Waffle & Co, a restaurant that specialized in serving authentic Belgian waffle. That day, I was initially planning to go to another place in South Jakarta, but because that place was unexpectedly super duper crowded at that time, I decided to try another restaurant nearby and my choice was Waffle & Co. The place itself is quite hard to find, but don't worry, just follow the map and I'm sure you won't be lost. (you can find the map on the lowermost of this post!)

Oh, and I have to warn you that this post will be stuffed with lot of interior pictures!

Menya Sakura (Emporium Pluit Mall, Jakarta)

by 4:11:00 PM

Apparently, Menya Sakura Ramen, a ramen shop originated from Japan has opened their second outlet in Indonesia at Emporium Pluit Mall. I have been curious about their ramen since long time ago, but I never get a chance to try it because the first outlet in Indonesia is located far away, so I'm glad to know that they decided to open the new outlet at Emporium Pluit Mall. The restaurant itself is not really hard to find, located just beside Yoshinoya, the crowd will definitely make you notice this restaurant.

SnowBowl (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 8:26:00 PM

Dessert house has become extremely popular these days, it can be seen from growing number of dessert houses in Jakarta. I am a huge fan of desserts and I love trying out new dessert houses in town. (though this one is not extremely new) I always wanted to try this dessert house since a long time ago, but I just couldn't make it due to several reasons. Finally, That day, I decided to try SnowBowl, a dessert house at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The place itself is can be easily noticed thanks to its bright snowy decoration.

Port er House (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 6:34:00 PM

Last weekend, I had an appointment with my friends and we decided to had a dinner together at Port er House, a cool restaurant at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Strangely, the restaurant was not really crowded and I could barely see any customers inside the restaurant even though it was weekend. (and the waiter didn't even greet us, so we just sat and asked for menu by ourselves) The restaurant is located not far from Excelso Cafe and I bet you won't be lost while finding this restaurant.

19th Avenue (Green Ville, Jakarta)

by 4:56:00 PM

(No, not now.. you can look away later when you finished reading this review!)

I reckon many of you have heard about this restaurant before, 19th Avenue is a cool restaurant and bar with industrial concept located in West Jakarta, specifically at Green Ville. 19th Avenue has been established since 2012 and recently they decided to re-brand their restaurant with bunch of new menus. They claim that the new menus are more unique and more delicious than the previous one, so I guess it's worth a try!

Torico (Emporium Pluit Mall, Jakarta)

by 1:44:00 PM

Emporium Pluit Mall is currently having tenant transition, there are various of new restaurants opening their outlet here substituting the old restaurant who decided to close their outlet. Coincidentally, I was craving for noodle that day and I was contemplating a lot whether to try Menya Sakura Ramen or Torico (both are new restaurants at Emporium Pluit Mall), but finally I decided to try Torico as they claim that Japanese Noodle and Rice are their specialties. The restaurant itself is not really hard to find, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.

Popolamama (Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta)

by 6:49:00 PM

It's been a long time since I have gone to Mall Taman Anggrek and I could see there were many new restaurants have opened their outlet here. Having heard about this restaurant before, we decided to have a dinner at Popolamama. The restaurant is located on the fourth floor, exactly next to Sticky and if I'm not mistaken, the place was once occupied by Ajisen Ramen. Popolamama is an Italian restaurant originated from Japan, and it has specialty in serving Italian Fresh Pasta & Homemade Pizza.

Mama Malaka (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 9:01:00 PM

Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is one of the largest malls in Jakarta and it's always packed with people especially on weekends. Not a big fan of crowded restaurant, I searched for a calmer and less crowded restaurant that day and my eyes went to the signage of this restaurant, Mama Malaka. Judging from the name, you can tell that this restaurant is specialized in serving peranakan cuisine. I have been craving for peranakan cuisine so much and I haven't found decent restaurant that served great peranakan cuisine in Jakarta, so I decided to give Mama Malaka a try!

Crematology Coffee Roasters (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 6:17:00 PM

Last weekend, I was invited by Zomato to attend an event called "Zomato Foodie Meetup" at a coffee shop named Crematology Coffee Roasters in Senopati area, which is well-known as popular dining spot in South Jakarta. Crematology Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop owned by Mr. Elliot Davernas. The owner was there at that time and he was sharing his interesting story and journey until he decided to open coffee shop in Indonesia named Crematology Coffee Roasters. The coffee shop itself is a little bit hard to find, you have to pay full attention to see the signage of this coffee shop.

Hans & Belle (Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta)

by 7:31:00 PM

(Do you like teddy bear?)

If yes, then you really have to visit this uber cute cafe which is located at Puri Indah Mall, Hans & Belle. You will find a lot of cute stuffs and teddy bears here, there are some sitting on the chair, some hanging on the ceiling and some are trapped on the display. I went to Puri Indah Mall with my family to find a nice place to hangout that day and because we already had our dinner before, we decided to pay a visit to this cafe only to try their desserts and beverages (at first), but we ended up ordering some side dishes. (I just can't stop eating recently!) The cafe itself is not really hard to find, especially with those bright signage and cute interior, it is located near the food court area at Puri Indah Mall.

Djournal Coffee (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 8:20:00 PM
Djournal Coffee

Djournal Coffee is a coffee shop managed by Ismaya group, it has 3 branches which are located in Cilandak Town Square, Puri Indah Mall and Grand Indonesia. I went to the one at Grand Indonesia and I was quite surprised to find out that the coffee shop was super packed with people. (I even saw some people were waiting because the place was full at that time) Nevertheless, I still decided to give this coffee shop a try. Djournal Coffee is located on Ground Floor of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town and I reckon you won't have any difficulties in finding this coffee shop.

Bunga Rampai (Menteng, Jakarta)

by 8:34:00 PM

Last weekend probably one of the most memorable weekends that I ever had, because I got a chance to meet up with one of famous foodies and food bloggers, Ms. Daisy from Food Escape. So, we decided to meet up at Bunga Rampai restaurant in Menteng area because I had my previous appointment near Menteng area. (thanks Ms. Daisy for being so considerate!)

The restaurant looks like a huge Dutch colonial house from outside and once I went in to the restaurant, I literally was amazed by the grand interior and luxurious decoration. (you will know it once you see the pictures of interior later!) Oh and I have to tell you beforehand that this post will be loaded with a lot of photos! (especially interior and decoration photos) The restaurant itself is quite hard to find because it looks like a normal house, but if you pay more attention, you can see the clear signage of the restaurant.

Sumo Sushi (Menteng, Jakarta)

by 8:22:00 PM

So, I have been invited by Zomato to have a small gathering at Sumo Sushi Menteng that day. Honestly, I rarely go to Menteng area and I never thought there is a place called Menteng Central. Menteng Central is like a small plaza, there are several restaurants and store here and one of them is a Japanese Restaurant that I'm going to review which is Sumo Sushi.  The restaurant is not really hard to find, it is located near the escalator on the Ground Floor.

48 DimSum Place (Menteng, Jakarta)

by 12:45:00 PM

(Dim Sum on Sunday morning, anyone?)

Dim Sum is a kind of Chinese Food that is very popular nowadays in Indonesia, many people love to eat Dim Sum because of its uniqueness and deliciousness. You can easily find Chinese restaurant that served Dim Sum in Jakarta. 48 DimSum Place is one of the Chinese halal restaurant that specialized in serving Dim Sum and Chinese Food, they claimed not to use any pork or lard on their food. The restaurant is located in Menteng area and can be easily found thanks to its huge signage and red-colored decoration.

Carnivor Barbecue Specialist (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:23:00 AM

It's holiday and it's time to meet up with friends to chit-chat and eat a great food. That day, we decided to go to Pantai Indah Kapuk which is well-known as one of the famous dining spot in North Jakarta. We decided to have a good lunch at Carnivor that day, actually we have already planned to go to another restaurant but since the restaurant is closed due to Eid-al-Fitr holiday, we changed our plan and decided on Carnivor. Located near the super crowded Sumoboo!, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding the restaurant.

Hot Star (Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit, Jakarta)

by 12:53:00 PM

Once in a year, Jakarta will always experience the effects of Eid al-Fitr Holiday. (if you know what I mean) Sometimes, I think it is nice to spend holiday in Jakarta during Eid al-Fitr Holiday, because Jakarta is really quiet and free from traffic jam during this time. However (and sadly), those effects are not applicable to shopping malls, most shopping malls in Jakarta will be crowded and packed with people who search for food during this time. Because most traditional markets are closed during this time and most housemaids are going back to their hometown, so you could expect to see many people who decided to eat out at shopping malls during this time.

So, me and my family decided to eat out on that day, but most restaurants were fully packed with people and we decided to have snacks as our dinner at Hot Star, which coincidentally was not really crowded that day.

Daisho (Mall @ Alam Sutera, Tangerang)

by 6:47:00 PM

(Ohayou Gozaimasu! Konnichiwa!)

It has been a while since my last visit to Mall @ Alam Sutera, and I decided to visit this large shopping mall again last week with my parents. Mall @ Alam Sutera can be considered as one of the largest malls in Alam Sutera and the mall got more crowded compared to my last visit here, but it was still spacey and nice. So, it was lunch time and we were confused about what to eat for lunch that day (because there are many selections of restaurant here!), after looking around for a while, I finally decided to try this Japanese Restaurant called Daisho with my parents.

Three Buns (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 10:12:00 PM

(Another rainy weekend...)

I always think weekend is a perfect time to hang out and trying out new restaurant with friends. After one week working or studying, I think everyone deserved to have a good time on the weekend, some might opt to play games with friends, doing sport or other things according to their hobby. As for me, I opt to eat good foods and visit nice places on weekend to refresh my mind and to find my kind of happiness!

So, on that rainy weekend, me and my friends decided to meet up in one of the famous burger joints in Senopati, Three Buns. I have to say burger is a kind of food that is loved by many people. It's a delicious and simple food that can be eaten by children, teenagers or adults.

Social House (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 10:49:00 PM

It was a busy day at the office and I decided to go out for a meal after I get off work. Having heard about this restaurant from my friend before, I decided to have an early dinner at Social House that day. The restaurant itself is a bit hard to find due to renovation that blocked the way to get to the restaurant, so you have to use the lift near Gramedia to reach Social House. You will be welcomed by Social House signpost and alley which will lead you to the restaurant.

Dubu Jib (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:41:00 PM

I have to say there are plenty of Korean restaurants at Pantai Indah Kapuk right now, I have seen so many new Korean Restaurants opening their outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk these day. Dubu Jib is one of the Korean restaurants that is located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Dubu Jib literally means House of Tofu, which reflects about their specialty in serving tofu-based foods and beverages.

Hong Tang (Gandaria City, Jakarta)

by 7:41:00 PM
Hong Tang

I am a kind of person who loves dessert more than main course, so a dessert house like Hong Tang is a must-visit-place for me. I have been to Hong Tang so many times and I keep coming back for more because I can't get enough of their delicious desserts. I'm glad to know that they have opened so many branches in various mall in Jakarta right now, so it's easier for me to go to Hong Tang whenever I'm craving for their delicious desserts. That day, I went to Gandaria City and I decided to have desserts at Hong Tang as I was craving for cold and sweet desserts that day.

Chippy Happy Food (Gandaria City, Jakarta)

by 6:08:00 PM

(It's snack time!)

It's good to know that Chippy Happy Food finally opened their first outlet in Indonesia. Chippy Happy Food is a snack stall originated from Singapore, they served various healthy snacks as they claimed that they are not using any preservatives and additives at all. Their first store in Indonesia is located at Gandaria City, right in front of Lotte Mart and beside Auntie Anne. It's really easy to find the store thanks to their signature British Van.

Mad for Garlic (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 8:03:00 PM

(Who love garlic?)

Me! Me! Me! I really really love garlic since I was little, I don't know why, but I really love the smell and the taste of garlic. (even though the aftermath of eating garlic is quite discomforting, I still love it!) So as a garlic-lover, I decided to eat at Mad for Garlic that day, a restaurant that specialized in serving garlic-based Italian cuisine.

Even though they serve garlic-based Italian cuisine, Mad for Garlic was actually originated in Korea in 2001. They already have branches in Korea and Singapore, and the one in Indonesia is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.

Beatrice Quarters (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:57:00 AM
Beatrice Quarters

It's not a secret that Pantai Indah Kapuk has been a popular dining spot in North Jakarta, especially with many types of restaurant that have opened their outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk. You can find cafe, bar, dessert house, Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant and many more here. Beatrice Quarters is one of the restaurant that is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, it is an Italian Fusion Restaurant with cute and homey concept. Having heard about this place from a friend of mine, I decided to have my light and early dinner at Beatrice Quarters that day.

Locale 24 Diner & Bar (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:36:00 PM

It has been raining all day long and it was really cold in Jakarta that day. (which is pretty unusual!) Seriously, the weather has been really strange lately, although I personally prefer cold weather rather than hot one, but sudden temperature changes really make me feel sick. Despite all of that, on that lazy and cold afternoon, I decided to eat at Locale 24 Diner & Bar which is located not really far from where I live. The restaurant itself was really easy to find thanks to its sparkling-green-bus appearance.

Coffee Kulture (Pluit, Jakarta)

by 10:11:00 PM

For some reasons, I don't really like place that were too noisy and packed with people. And that's why I love to go to the coffee shop because the ambiance in coffee shop is usually cozy and quite. (though I know several coffee shops that were super noisy and packed with people)

Coffee Kulture is a coffee shop that is located in North Jakarta, specifically in Pluit. The coffee shop is really easy to find thanks to its huge banner in front of the shop. Not to mention it is located on Pluit Karang street, one of the busiest roads in North Jakarta.

Jill in Marketbar (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta) - Closed

by 10:11:00 PM

(What's to eat when you don't feel like eating?)

That's what I am thinking about that day, I don't know why, but I really don't feel like eating that day, I guess it's caused by the odd weather in Jakarta lately, it can be raining all day long today and it can be super humid on the next day. So, I found a restaurant called Jill in Marketbar and I looked at a segment called "A Little Bit Hungry" on their menu which consisted of various unique side dishes such as truffle fries and stuffed crispy potato skin which I will discuss later. Feeling that it was a right choice to have light dinner with various unique side dishes, I decided to eat at Jill in Marketbar.

Koultoura Coffee (Taman Ratu, Jakarta)

by 6:39:00 PM

Drinking coffee might become a habit for some people, I have seen many people who love coffee so much that they drink it everyday or maybe twice a day. (or more than that) Coffee shop could be a perfect destination for all coffee lovers to hang out while drinking their favorite coffee. Well, I'm not a hardcore coffee lover, but I do love the cozy and quiet ambiance of coffee shop and that's why I love to go to coffee shop. Koultoura Coffee is one of the coffee shops that is located in Jakarta, specifically in Taman Ratu.

Shirokuma (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 7:18:00 PM

Pantai Indah Kapuk can be considered as one of the popular dining spots in North Jakarta, there are huge numbers of restaurant there, and I have to say the restaurant turnover is quite high here, because I often see new restaurants opening their outlet here while other restaurants closing theirs. If the restaurant doesn't have any competitive advantage(s), it might be hard to survive. (yes, businesses nowadays are like that, right?)

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