MOJO Kitchen & Bar (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 8:52:00 PM

Starting from a random comments between me and my friends on instagram, we finally decided to have a dinner together at MOJO Kitchen & Bar. Unfortunately, it was raining heavily that day and the traffic was super bad, I reckon we have spent more than 1 hour in the car before we decided to take another route. And finally, we arrived at MOJO Kitchen & Bar and we were ready to have our dinner.

Kimchi Grandma (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 8:13:00 PM

(It's always nice to have quality time with family, right?)

I was in charge for family dinner that day, and I contemplated a lot whether to eat at Chinese, Japanese or Korean restaurant. We normally eat at Chinese restaurant because my parents really love Chinese cuisine, but I decided to take a risk by introducing Korean cuisine to my parents, so the family dinner for this time is held at Kimchi Grandma!

Lady Alice Tearoom (Gandaria City Shopping Mall, Jakarta)

by 7:16:00 PM

The afternoon tea or high tea has been quite popular lately, I have seen many people posted about it on their instagram, facebook, or twitter. So, in order to follow the trend (lol!), I decided to give it a try in Lady Alice Tearoom. Located in Gandaria City Shopping Mall, the restaurant can be easily found because of its eye-catching blue and white interior.

SumoBoo! (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 8:18:00 PM

After an extremely long queue with hundred of mosquitoes and other bugs (I wonder why mosquitoes really love me), finally the waiter called my name and I guess it's my turn to get served. Being really famous for its uber cute desserts, SumoBoo! has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Most of the customers are parents with children, lovebirds, and teenagers who are curious with their signature desserts. 

Sushi Mori (Central Park Mall, Jakarta)

by 6:45:00 PM

I'm very fond of Japanese Food especially when it comes to sushi, ramen and katsu. And on that joyful day, my friend decided to treat me to dinner at Central Park Mall. I have never tried food from Sushi Mori before and therefore I suggested them to eat at Sushi Mori (I always love trying out new food in new place!) The restaurant is really noticeable and easy to find.

Pizza Barboni (Kemang, Jakarta)

by 11:22:00 AM

"Real Beards, Real Pizzas, Real Fresh"

The tagline belongs to Pizza Barboni, an authentic Italian wood fired pizza store located in Kemang. Barboni is an Italian word which means "Bearded Men". The store can easily be noticed thanks to its strategic place, huge banners and bright Pizza Barboni sign. They have been serving many take away and delivery order everyday, they also provide place for people who would like to dine in.

6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers (Mall @ Alam Sutera, Tangerang)

by 8:42:00 AM

After having read several reviews about 6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers, I decided to pay a visit to try their foods. Located at Mall @ Alam Sutera, the restaurant can be easily noticed from outside because of its huge restaurant sign. Actually, I have never been to Mall @ Alam Sutera before even though I have passed through it several times, so it was the first time and I decided to go directly to 6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers!

Hepitea Story (Tanjung Duren, Jakarta)

by 9:06:00 AM

After having delightful dinner with my friends, we decided to go to Hepitea Story to eat late night desserts. There is always room for desserts right?

If you have read my previous posts, I believe you already know that I am a huge fan of milk tea and dessert. So, a dessert place like Hepitea Story is a must-visit place for me. The place can be easily found because it is located in a strategic place, I believe you must have seen the Hepitea Story sign if you ever pass through Tanjung Duren Raya road.

The Bailey's and Chloe (Tanjung Duren, Jakarta)

by 12:57:00 PM
The Bailey's and Chloe

Tanjung Duren is considered as one of the popular dining spots in Jakarta Barat. You can easily find places to eat here, there are street foods, snack bar, fast food restaurant, cafe and fancy-looking restaurant such as The Bailey's and Chloe. 

The Bailey's and Chloe is located in Tanjung Duren and it is easy to find the restaurant because it is located on the roadside. The restaurant concept is pretty unique as the decoration really gives off homey atmosphere. There are several baby girls dresses, bottles of beer and pictures of bear and scenery hanging on the wall.

Tofu Dessert Hut (Kemanggisan, Jakarta)

by 8:57:00 PM
Tofu Dessert
Tofu Dessert Hut is originated from a small town in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. They are mainly focusing to provide soya-based dessert such as soya ice cream, traditional bean curd, jelly bean curd etc. Tofu Dessert Hut already has several outlets in Pontianak, but this one is their first outlet in Jakarta. They just recently opened their new outlet in Jakarta, the owner is there at that time and I saw him explaining and giving training to his employees.

GB Bistro & Dessert (Senayan City, Jakarta)

by 6:54:00 PM
I was walking in Senayan City Mall and I found this restaurant which straightly caught my eye. Judging from the flower bouquets in front of the restaurant, I reckon it is a newly opened restaurant, and later on I found that my guess was right! (yay!)

GB Bistro & Dessert just recently opened its new outlet in Senayan City Mall. It is located in LG Floor and it is easy to find the restaurant because of those bright hanging light bulbs. I really love when it comes to trying new food in new restaurant, so I decided to give it a try even though I just finished my dinner and I'm still full at that time.

Carlo de Huts (Senayan City, Jakarta)

by 12:20:00 PM
Carlo de Huts Exterior

So, I have been searching for Western Restaurant lately because I'm craving for Western food and my friend recommends me to try Carlo de Huts, so I decided to go there. The restaurant is located inside Senayan City Mall and judging from the interior, it does look like a Western Restaurant, they have outdoor and indoor seating area and I opt for indoor seating area because it was so hot that day. 

Tsurukamedou (Green Ville, Jakarta)

by 7:58:00 PM
Hello everyone! 

This is going to be my first post in Soompeat blog, and I'm really excited because finally I got the chance to write review in my own blog. For this first review, I'm going to review one of the ramen restaurants in Jakarta named Tsurukamedou. Ramen restaurants has been quite popular lately in Jakarta judging from huge numbers of ramen restaurants in Jakarta, and Tsurukamedou is one of those ramen restaurants that is worth to visit. 

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