6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers (Mall @ Alam Sutera, Tangerang)


After having read several reviews about 6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers, I decided to pay a visit to try their foods. Located at Mall @ Alam Sutera, the restaurant can be easily noticed from outside because of its huge restaurant sign. Actually, I have never been to Mall @ Alam Sutera before even though I have passed through it several times, so it was the first time and I decided to go directly to 6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers!


The restaurant is nicely decorated with wood material and it also has wavy ceiling and huge chalkboard. You may also find candle in a cage in the outdoor dining area. I love the decoration of the restaurant as it gives off cozy ambiance. 

Indoor Dining Area
Outdoor Dining Area
The restaurant has two kinds of dining area which is indoor dining area and outdoor dining area. I opt for outdoor dining area to get better lighting for my photos. Thankfully there are no people smoking at that time so I can breathe peacefully.

Let's move on to the food!

Chicken Wings (IDR 45k)
Chicken Wings
I am so in love with their chicken wings! I could even say that those are the best chicken wings that I ever had. The chicken wings was perfectly cooked and fried, it is crunchy and moreish. It tastes really amazing when you dip the salty and crunchy chicken wings into their homemade sweet honey mustard sauce. The potato chips are amazing as well, I love how they opt to serve the chicken wings with homemade potato chips rather than common french fries. You should absolutely try their Chicken Wings!!

Chicken Wings

Schnitzel (IDR 58k)
The schnitzel consists of two huge chunks of fried chicken cutlet topped with mushroom sauce and accompanied with fresh garden salad and fries. The fried chicken cutlet is nicely fried with bread crumbs and the crispiness is just right. Another good thing is they use fresh garden salad rather than frozen vegetables. If you feel full already, you'd better be prepared because they are really generous in giving the chicken cutlet, salad and fries!

Lychee Mojito (IDR 38k)
Lychee Mojito
I gotta admit their Lychee Mojito is really awesome. The combination of mint flavor and the sweetness from lychee pulp is just right. It is not overly sweet and the taste of the mint gives refreshing sensation. It is a perfect choice for a hot and humid day indeed!

Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Sundae (IDR 35k)
Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Sundae
I have been a huge fan of cake and ice cream especially when it is combined together as a dessert. I contemplated a lot whether to order their Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Sundae or Tiramisu Pancake Sundae as the dessert because both of them looks really appetizing. Finally, I decided to order Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Sundae because I would like to have sweet and sour dessert at that day.

The Strawberry Cheesecake Pancake Sundae consists of strawberry cheesecake dressed with vanilla ice cream and topped with strawberry jam. The sweetness and sourness is really well adjusted and I love the texture of the cheesecake. A nice dessert overall although I would not mind if they served it with some real strawberries rather than strawberry jam.


Overall, I absolutely enjoyed my visit to 6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers!!!

Delicious foods, nice decoration, great view, friendly service will be some reasons to come back to 6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers. I swear the price is really worth it, considering the taste of foods and beverages that they served. I also got the chance to talk with their kind and friendly store manager, he talked about their new specialty menu which is butter rice. I haven't got the chance to try the butter rice and will definitely try it next time!

Oh, and I have been told by their store manager that they will have new unique menu upcoming on July, so mark your calendar!

6 Degrees Coffee Drinkers
Mall @ Alam Sutera, unit 88, Tangerang, 15143
(021) 30449377
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