Carlo de Huts (Senayan City, Jakarta)

Carlo de Huts Exterior

So, I have been searching for Western Restaurant lately because I'm craving for Western food and my friend recommends me to try Carlo de Huts, so I decided to go there. The restaurant is located inside Senayan City Mall and judging from the interior, it does look like a Western Restaurant, they have outdoor and indoor seating area and I opt for indoor seating area because it was so hot that day. 

The indoor seating area is not very big, but I reckon it can accommodate 15-20 people. The indoor seating area is nicely decorated with brick wall, flowers, bottles and mostly dominated with wood colored things. It is also packed with customers during that time, but luckily I got a table as soon as I arrived, so I don't have to wait to get served!

Okay, let's move on to the foods!

Baby Beef n Cheese (IDR 69k)

Baby Beef n Cheese

I have been looking at this menu since I arrived there and I ordered it because it looks pretty unique for me. Baby Beef n Cheese consists of pancake dressed with fried egg on the top, mozzarella cheese, sausage, bacon and mushroom which tastes pretty decent for me. It tastes better when you combine all of the dressing with the pancake. 

Baby Beef n Cheese Innards

BBQ Carl's Wing (IDR 44k)

BBQ Carl's Wing

I love chicken wings and that's the main reason I ordered this menu. Even though this menu arrived last and it took around 20-30 minutes, I love the appearance of BBQ Carl's Wing (luckily, I'm not really hungry at that time, so I don't mind to wait for quite a long time). They served the chicken wings alongside with french fries and mayonnaise sauce. Inside the bowl and beneath the chunks of chicken wings, they give bunch of small fried and crispy potatoes. The chicken is drenched with BBQ sauce which tastes a bit bitter for me. But don't worry, dip the chicken in the mayonnaise sauce and (ta-da!) the bitterness will disappear. Apparently, it is a good choice to serve the chicken with mayonnaise sauce.

BBQ Carl's Wing

Winter Berries (IDR 31.5k)

Winter Berries
The Winter Berries is claimed as one of specialty drinks in Carlo de Huts, and I gotta admit that the Winter Berries tastes really good! It seems that they use real berries to make this, it is really refreshing and the sweetness and sourness is just right!

Milk Tea (IDR 31k)

Milk Tea (Before)
Milk Tea (After)
The second drink is milk tea, it consists of scented tea, condensed milk and jelly. As a huge fan of milk tea, I love all of the combinations because the scented tea goes really well with condensed milk as it resulted in fragrant and sweet drink. Also, the jelly makes it even better!

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Carlo de Huts as it can satisfy my crave for Western food, but I do think that faster service and friendlier service will leave better impression for the customer(s) right?

Carlo de Huts
Senayan City, LG Floor L45, Jl. Asia Afrika Lot.19, Senayan, 10270
(021) 72781653
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  1. OMG! Carlo De Huts! Love their beverage! Its called beer butter, I reckon.. Actually,i order it because I thought its an alcohol beverage, and turns out, its not (duh!) Still taste good though :D


    1. Woah Butter Beer! I believe it is one of specialty drinks in Carlo de Huts other than Winter Berries! I also thought it was an alcoholic drink but when I saw the description, it is stated non-alcoholic, :)) didn't get to try it yesterday, gotta try it next time :D



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