GB Bistro & Dessert (Senayan City, Jakarta)

I was walking in Senayan City Mall and I found this restaurant which straightly caught my eye. Judging from the flower bouquets in front of the restaurant, I reckon it is a newly opened restaurant, and later on I found that my guess was right! (yay!)

GB Bistro & Dessert just recently opened its new outlet in Senayan City Mall. It is located in LG Floor and it is easy to find the restaurant because of those bright hanging light bulbs. I really love when it comes to trying new food in new restaurant, so I decided to give it a try even though I just finished my dinner and I'm still full at that time.



The interior is decorated with wood and brick material and they use chalkboard to display the menu. I love the design and the concept as they successfully made their restaurant looks vintage and cozy. The restaurant provides two kinds of dining area which are smoking area and non-smoking area, and obviously I opt for the non-smoking area (I really can't stand cigarette smoke). It was not really crowded at that day if I'm not mistaken, only 4-5 tables are occupied and the rest is empty.

Selection of Gelato and Sorbeto
I was literally drooling when I saw their selection of Gelato and Sorbeto, It is so colorful and tempting! It is too bad I can't try their Gelato and Sorbeto at that time because I've got a cold. (phew, I will definitely try it next time!)

As I mentioned earlier, because I just finished my dinner at that time, so I decided to order only one drink because I guess my stomach can't afford more foods.

Green Tea Milkshake (IDR 45k)

The green tea milkshake is served with a small wooden tray and topped with a lot of whipped cream. The whipped cream and the green tea milkshake is really a good match. I still can feel the green tea flavor and I think they adjust the sweetness nicely. It is not overly sweet but it is not bland as well. I don't know how to describe this, but I think the combination is just right and I have to say that it is the best green tea milkshake I've ever had.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to GB Bistro & Dessert, but I do think they need to improve the service, as I need to call the waiter for more than one time to get served. (I even had to find the table by myself because no one is serving me, duh!). I guess it is because the employee(s) are still new, so I guess I can understand the situation. (I saw some waiter(s) asking their manager when they are serving the customer(s)

I will definitely come back next time to try the other foods and also the Gelato and Sorbeto!

GB Bistro & Dessert
Senayan City LG Floor L-18, Jl. Asia Afrika Lot 19, Senayan, 10270
+6221 7278 1245
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  1. Hey Paulus,

    Good to know you fellow foodie and Binusians too. Keep writing! Smart wordplay on the name of your blog. Took a while to notice and then aha!

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    1. Hello Ruby,

      Thanks for dropping by!
      Wow, I just found that you are Binusians as well, nice to know you ruby :D

      Sure, let's exchange links, I've put Wanderbites! on my blogroll :D



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