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After having delightful dinner with my friends, we decided to go to Hepitea Story to eat late night desserts. There is always room for desserts right?

If you have read my previous posts, I believe you already know that I am a huge fan of milk tea and dessert. So, a dessert place like Hepitea Story is a must-visit place for me. The place can be easily found because it is located in a strategic place, I believe you must have seen the Hepitea Story sign if you ever pass through Tanjung Duren Raya road.

The place is not very big, and it has dining area in first floor and second floor. The procedure to order foods and beverages in Hepitea Story is similar with another milk tea shop, you choose what you would like to order at the cashier and pay for it first. They also have several additional toppings such as egg pudding, grass jelly, black pearl, red bean, rainbow jelly, hantien jelly, coconut lychee and popping boba.

Call me unlucky, because I'm really dying to try their famous dessert in a pot which is called Black Pot and Red Pot and it was out of stock at that time. Thankfully they have other delicious desserts and addicting milk tea, let's talk about it now!

Triple Chocolate (IDR 29k)
Triple Chocolate
The triple chocolate is really a perfect choice for a sweet-toothed person and chocolate lover like me. It consists of 3 layer of chocolate and sponge cake. The cake is not overly sweet and the sweetness level is just right, I bet I could finish 2-3 pieces of this cake by myself!

Matcha Tiramisu (IDR 29k)
Matcha Tiramisu
I thought matcha tiramisu cake will be a perfect choice for people who opt for not-so-sweet dessert but surprisingly, it is sweeter than triple chocolate cake. The green tea flavor is really strong and I believe they add some white chocolate inside the cake. 

Cherry Milk Tea with Egg Pudding (IDR 20k + IDR 4k)
Cherry Milk Tea with Egg Pudding
The cherry milk tea is a new menu that is offered by Hepitea Story, so I decided to give it a shot. I love how they make the milk tea really fragrant and has a strong cherry flavor. I bet this is a good choice for people who would like to try a new and unique milk tea.

Cacao Hazelnut Milk Tea + Egg Pudding (IDR 22k + IDR 4k)
Cacao Hazelnut Milk Tea with Egg Pudding
I really love chocolate and so is this Cacao Hazelnut Milk Tea. I always think that a perfect match for every kind of drinks is chocolate, because it tastes so freaking good when you add chocolate to your drink. The chocolate and hazelnut is really flavorful and it tastes even better with the egg pudding. 

Mango Yakult Tea with Grass Jelly (IDR 20 + IDR 3k)
Mango Yakult Tea with Grass Jelly
The mango yakult tea tastes pretty decent for me, it is mostly dominated with sour taste and it is a good choice to balance the sweetness from the cake.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Hepitea Story, even though I didn't get the chance to try their specialty desserts which are black pot and red pot. The desserts and milk tea taste pretty decent and it is a nice place to hang out with friends.

Oh! they also has special promotion for student, just by showing your student card, you will get 10% discount for your drink!

Hepitea Story
Jl. Tanjung Duren Raya No. 362, Jakarta Barat, 11470
(021) 56967758
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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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