Kimchi Grandma (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)


(It's always nice to have quality time with family, right?)

I was in charge for family dinner that day, and I contemplated a lot whether to eat at Chinese, Japanese or Korean restaurant. We normally eat at Chinese restaurant because my parents really love Chinese cuisine, but I decided to take a risk by introducing Korean cuisine to my parents, so the family dinner for this time is held at Kimchi Grandma!

Korean restaurant has been extremely popular in Indonesia nowadays, there are so many Korean restaurants in Jakarta, I bet it is one of the effects of  K-drama and K-pop fever. (Actually, I'm one of the victims of those Korean craze) If you ever seen K-drama before, you must have seen foods that they were eating in the drama, and you must be curious about how will it taste and then begin to look for Korean restaurant to experience those foods. (to be honest, it was my reason for coming to Korean restaurant)

It was packed with people at that time, but luckily I got a table as soon as I arrived. Most of the customers were teenagers and lovebirds. The restaurant itself is quite big, it has outdoor and indoor area, I reckon the restaurant can accommodate 60-80 people. The decoration is so Korean, as you can see in the picture above, there are girl hanbok and boy hanbok hanging on the wall. Hanbok is traditional Korean dress and I'm sure you have seen it in many Korean dramas.

As soon as we arrived, they served banchan (Korean side dishes) for us to eat. Banchan is really common in Korean restaurant, I suppose all Korean restaurant have this food. The banchan was served in five small plates and consists of: (clockwise from upper left)
  • Hobak Muchim - seasoned pumpkin, it tasted pretty decent for me
  • Gamja Jorim - sweet potatoes cooked in soy sauce, I like those potatoes, it was soft and sweet
  • Eomuk Bbokkeum - spicy fishcake, it also tasted pretty decent for me
  • Kimchi - spicy pickled cabbage, it tasted pretty much the same with other kimchi that I have eaten in other Korean restaurants
  • Mashed Potato - I don't know what is the Korean name of this banchan, but the mashed potato was really soft and nice

Japchae (IDR 58k)
Japchae literally is stir-fried Korean potato noodle and served with Odeng (Korean fishcake) and kimchi. Japchae is one of the typical Korean foods that are well known by many people. I noticed fishcakes, shredded egg, bulgogi and other vegetables inside the Japchae. I am so in love with their Japchae, the noodles was chewy and firm and I love how they seasoned the meat. I chose mild spiciness for this dish, but I can barely taste any spiciness, nevertheless it was still super delicious and great!

Bibimbap (IDR 68k)
Bibimbap is one of the signature Korean dishes, it is basically Korean mixed rice consisted of gim (seaweed), carrot, zucchini, julienne cucumber, beansprout, doraji (bell-flower root), mushrooms, beef bulgogi, shredded egg and raw egg. The gochujang (chili sauce) was served on different plate, and it tasted better after you mixed all of it with the gochujang. The taste is pretty decent, it doesn't have anything special but I love the shredded egg.

Tteokbokki (IDR 58k)
The tteokbokki was pretty decent, it was chewy and spicy. The tteokbokki was nicely cooked and perfectly seasoned, the seasoning was strong as typical of Korean foods.

Soe Bulgogi (IDR 95k)
Soe Bulgogi
The soe bulgogi was served on a sizzling hotplate and I saw huge amounts of meat on the hotplate (yay!). I am a huge fan of meat and I'm super happy when I tasted this soe bulgogi because it was super duper freaking delicious! The meat was tender and flavorful, it was perfectly cooked and perfectly seasoned. Not to mention they were pretty generous in giving huge amounts of meat!

Kimchi Jjigae (IDR 59k)
Kimchi Jjigae
The kimchi jjigae is basically Korean stew with kimchi. I noticed diced tofu, onion, meat and other vegetables inside the soup. It was warm and not overly spicy, it is a perfect choice to warm up your body in a cold night indeed.

Peach Tea (IDR 22k)
Peach Tea
The peach tea is basically a sweet iced tea with peaches. It tasted pretty decent and I always think peach is a perfect match for sweet iced tea.

Fresh Energy (IDR 28.5k)
Fresh Energy
The fresh energy is a mixture of strawberry, orange, milk, honey and lychee. The combination was just perfect for me, it has sweet and sour taste and I love how they opt to serve it with cherry!

Guava Juice (IDR 24.5k)
Guava Juice
I love how they served real guava juice rather than bottled one, I noticed several guava pulps inside the drink, it tasted pretty decent and refreshing.

Ice Lemon Tea (IDR 14k)
Ice Lemon Tea
The ice lemon tea tasted pretty decent, it was not overly sour and I love the fact that they used fresh lemon rather than artificial one.

Overall, I really enjoyed my family dinner in Kimchi Grandma. My parents said the food was great and delicious, and I was so happy hearing their reaction!

I will definitely come back to Kimchi Grandma for the super duper freaking delicious soe bulgogi!

Kimchi Grandma
Rukan Crown Golf, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, 14470
(021) 29525752
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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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