Lady Alice Tearoom (Gandaria City Shopping Mall, Jakarta)


The afternoon tea or high tea has been quite popular lately, I have seen many people posted about it on their instagram, facebook, or twitter. So, in order to follow the trend (lol!), I decided to give it a try in Lady Alice Tearoom. Located in Gandaria City Shopping Mall, the restaurant can be easily found because of its eye-catching blue and white interior.

The interior is decorated with fancy things and mostly dominated with blue and white color. The restaurant is spacey enough, I reckon it can accommodate 40-50 people. It was not really crowded at that time, and I saw some of the staffs offered sample cookies and cake to the passerby.

Tea Party Treat's Package for 2 Persons (IDR 79k)
Tea Party Set
I used voucher to get this special edition tea party set, I reckon it costs around IDR 120k in normal price. The difference was, I didn't get any tea served in this tea party set, so I have to order tea separately. (I guess I shouldn't have used voucher as it costed similar like the normal price) The tea party set was served in three levels tower:
  • The first level consists of finger sandwiches
  • The second level consists of chocolate and chimney cake
  • The third level consists of variant of cakes and macaroons
1st Level
The first level consists of:
  • Two pieces of finger sandwiches - I freaking love those sandwiches, the ham was perfectly cooked and they mayonnaise sauce was really addicting!
2nd Level
The second level consists of:
  • Chocolate brownies - the chocolate brownies tasted pretty decent, it was nicely baked and served warm
  • Two pieces of chimney cake with sugar - I love those chimney cakes, it was crispy outside and soft inside, and I love how the sweetness was really perfect
3rd Level
The third level of the tower consists of:
  • Slice of pineapple cake - the pineapple cake tasted pretty decent, it was flavorful and had strong pineapple fragrance
  • Slice of chocolate cheesecake - the chocolate cheesecake was really disappointing, the texture was hard and stiff
  • Strawberry macaroon - the strawberry macaroon tasted pretty decent, it was sweet and nice
  • Vanilla macaroon - the vanilla macaroon also tasted pretty decent, it was sweet and fragrant

Aglio Olio Tuna (IDR 48k)
Aglio Olio Tuna
The aglio olio tuna was really delicious, super spicy and moreish. They were pretty generous in giving huge amounts of tuna and the spaghettini pasta was al dente!

Aglio Olio Tuna

Lady Alice Tea (IDR 28k)
Lady Alice Tea
The lady alice tea was served in teapot along with cup and sugar, I love how the tea was overflowed with strong rose fragrance. It tasted pretty decent and fragrant.

Lady Alice Tea

Overall, I had a quite good time there, even though the cake was not really mesmerizing, I still love their aglio olio tuna and those chimney cakes!!

Lady Alice Tearoom
Lot 211, Level 2, Gandaria City Shopping Mall, Jakarta, 12240
(021) 29236376
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