Pizza Barboni (Kemang, Jakarta)


"Real Beards, Real Pizzas, Real Fresh"

The tagline belongs to Pizza Barboni, an authentic Italian wood fired pizza store located in Kemang. Barboni is an Italian word which means "Bearded Men". The store can easily be noticed thanks to its strategic place, huge banners and bright Pizza Barboni sign. They have been serving many take away and delivery order everyday, they also provide place for people who would like to dine in.


(See the "Trust the Crust" tagline on their pizza boxes? you will soon know what does it mean!)

The restaurant itself is not very big, I reckon they can accommodate around 20-25 people. The ambiance in the restaurant is cozy which is supported by minimal lighting inside the restaurant. The restaurant is decorated with hundred of pizza boxes, skateboard, T-shirts and old motorcycle. And I love how they display those spices in the restaurant!

Now I will tell you what makes their pizza special!

1. Olive Oil
Spicy Olive Oil
First, they only use olive oil which is good for your health for their pizza, burger and focaccia. They also use their special homemade Italian tomato and cheese sauce for their pizza.

2. Wood Fired Oven
Wood Fired Oven
Second, they cook the pizza in wood fired oven which is amazing. The wood fired oven temperature is set at 600oC - 650oC to produce perfectly cooked  pizza. I swear the pizza tastes more delicious and more fragrant than the pizza which is cooked in normal oven.

3. Rosemary
Third, they use rosemary to make their pizza aromatic and fragrant. I love the smell of rosemary especially when it is being burned in the wood fired oven.

Now you already know why their pizza is delicious and special right? let's move on to the food!

Fried Vegetables
Fried Vegetables
The fried vegetables is a perfect appetizer for vegetarians. I discovered some nicely fried red onions, zucchinis, and bell peppers. Even though I personally don't really like vegetables, but I have to say that those fried vegetables were awesome! 

Potato Chips
Potato Chips
I'm not exaggerating, but these potato chips were super awesome! It is perfectly seasoned and tastes even better with mayonnaise sauce. Though I personally think it would be better if the potato chips were crispier.

Fried Prawns and Calamaris
Fried Prawns and Calamaris
As a huge fan of fried food, I don't have any single complaint when it was being served at my table. The prawns and calamaris are nicely seasoned and the mayonnaise sauce makes everything becomes better once again. 

Focaccia Veg (IDR 65k)
Focaccia Veg
Foccacia is a kind of flat Italian bread made with yeast, olive oil and flavored with herbs. The focaccia veg consists of roasted Mediterranean vegetables and I bet it is a perfect choice for vegetarians. It tastes pretty decent for me and I like how the bread is so flavorful!

Foccacia Parma (IDR 75k)
Focaccia Parma
The focaccia parma consists of parma ham, tomatoes and rocket salad. The parma ham is a type of ham that is designed to be eaten uncooked. I'm not a big fan of porky things, but the focaccia parma tastes pretty decent and another good thing is it doesn't have any bad smells at all. (I found some foods that contain pork to be smelly and I don't really like those smell)

Burgaholic (IDR 65k)
The burgaholic consists of 150gr homemade patty, homemade jalapeno cream, taleggio cheese, roasted red onions and roasted tomato, it is served along with those moreish potato chips. (yeah! more potato chips!)

I freaking love everything inside the burger! The patty is delicious, the taleggio cheese is great and the jalapeno cream is super spicy. It is perfect to be eaten as it is without any additional tomato or chili sauce. Some people might find this burger to be over spicy, but I tell you that it is spicy in a good way, you should at least try some of it!

Funghi (IDR 50k)
Funghi pizza toppings consist of mushroom, mozzarella cheese and the homemade tomato sauce. I always loved pizza with mushrooms as the topping and so is this funghi pizza. The crust is really different from other pizzas that I have eaten before, the thickness of the crust is just right and it is chewy and crunchy at the same time.

Napoli (IDR 45k)
Napoli pizza toppings consists of capers, anchovies and the homemade tomato sauce. I do think the anchovies are a bit too salty for my liking. But, it is still a great pizza though, their homemade tomato sauce is really delicious!

Vegetariana (IDR 65k)
Another great choice for vegetarians, vegetariana pizza toppings consists of roasted zucchini, eggplant, capsicum as the topping along with the homemade tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. I love how they can make vegetarian pizza taste really amazing!

Bianca (IDR 70k)
Bianca pizza is a perfect choice for cheese lovers, the toppings consists of combination of taleggio, mozzarella and parmesan cheese. I'm not a hardcore cheese lovers, but I do think the cheese flavor is not too strong, I can barely taste the cheese.

Salsiccia (IDR 70k)
I am so in love with salsiccia pizza! The toppings consist of beef sausages, mozzarella cheese, the signature tomato sauce and rosemary. The beef sausages were awesome, it is super delizioso and moreish, not to mention their amazing crust!

Nutela Pizzotino (IDR 45k)
Nutela Pizzotino
Judging from the appearance, you might say that it is not appealing at all. But, I recommend you to take a bite of this nutela pizzotino and I believe you will fall in love with the nutela pizzotino instantly. The combination of whipped cream, banana and nutella is just awesome! It is not overly sweet and I love how they came up with an idea to put nutella in pizza! (who doesn't love nutella?)

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Pizza Barboni!

If you are looking for delicious Italian pizza, I recommend you to go to Pizza Barboni, because they really serve Authentic Italian Pizza with affordable price. I have to say the price here are really affordable and worth it. They use great ingredients such as the extra virgin olive oil for their pizza and they still set the price pretty reasonable (extra virgin olive oil is considered as expensive in Indonesia). Not to mention that olive oil is good for your health as well.

I like how they serve chili powder rather than chili sauce and I love how their crust is different in a good way, it is chewy and crunchy at the same time, you should really try it and trust the crust!

Last but not least, thanks to OpenRice for the gathering, it was really fun and great! Also, special thanks to Mr. Mateo and Ms. Laura for having me there, I love your pizzas and I will definitely come back to Pizza Barboni, especially for the salsiccia pizza and those moreish potato chips! delizioso!

Pizza Barboni
Jalan Kemang 1, No. 72, Jakarta, 12730
(021) 7181101
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  1. The pizzas look awesome! And look at the amount of whipped cream on the nutella pizza!


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