SumoBoo! (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)


After an extremely long queue with hundred of mosquitoes and other bugs (I wonder why mosquitoes really love me), finally the waiter called my name and I guess it's my turn to get served. Being really famous for its uber cute desserts, SumoBoo! has been receiving a lot of attention lately. Most of the customers are parents with children, lovebirds, and teenagers who are curious with their signature desserts. 

The decoration is mostly dominated with wood things and it gives off Japanese ambiance. The lighting inside the restaurant is so bright and nice.

Boo!! Kakigori Picture
(see that uber cute kakigori? I bet many people will fall in love at first sight with this cutie dessert)

SumoBoo's Dessert Picture
The restaurant itself is quiet spacey even though it's a bit stinky at that time. (I wonder where the stink came from?) They have smoking area on the second floor and non smoking area on the first floor and second floor. Because it was super crowded at that time, I didn't even get the chance to choose where would I like to sit, but luckily I got the non smoking area. (phew!)

They also serve many kind of foods such as french fries, katsudon, noodle and light snacks. I didn't get to try their foods though, because I just finished my dinner at that time and I only would like to experience their signature and uber cute desserts!

Matcha Boo!! Kakigori (IDR 30k)
Matcha Boo!! Kakigori

(Cute, isn't it?)

It basically consists of matcha-flavored shaved ice, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and matcha pudding. I instantly fell in love when I tried this dessert (though I felt a bit guilty to eat this uber cute puppy-shaped shaved ice), the matcha flavor was really strong, the matcha pudding was soft and silky and the vanilla ice cream made everything better. I love how it was not overly sweet and had strong matcha flavor.

Strawberry Boo!! Kakigori (IDR 30k)
Strawberry Boo!! Kakigori

(Another cute thing!)

Okay, the first thing I noticed was the sad and pitiful face of this puppy-shaped shaved ice. (I felt even guiltier to eat this thing!) It consists of plain shaved ice topped with strawberry jam, one scoop of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and almond pudding. I freaking love the almond pudding, it was soft, silky and fragrant. I do think the strawberry jam is overly sweet though, I would prefer if it was less sweet.

Boo!! Kakigori Picture
Overall, it was a nice visit to SumoBoo!

I love how they came up with innovative idea to create those uber cute desserts. Surely, cute and unique food will attract many people and I think SumoBoo! has been successfully attracted so many people with their signature kakigori.

I will surely comeback to try another flavor of their Boo!! Kakigori. (they also have other flavors such as vanilla, chocolate, ogura and black sesame) But, I would prefer to come when it is not very crowded, because I super hate waiting with mosquitoes!

Rukan Crown Golf, Jl. Marina Indah Golf, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, 14460
(021) 96628677
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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*


  1. I agree that the kakigori is uber cute! It's not that amazing for me though, when I tried it, it was watery, had no strong chocolate flavour (I had the chocolate one). The strawberry one looks so much better though!

    1. Thanks for dropping by rene!

      Woah, I always wanted to try the chocolate one because it looks nice rene, too bad if it doesn't have strong chocolate flavour, the strawberry one was nice but my favourite will always be the matcha one! :D

  2. I agree that the kakigori is uber cute! It wasn't too amazing for me though, when Itried it it was watery & had no strong chocolate flavour (I had the chocolate one). The strawberry one looks heaps better!


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