Sushi Mori (Central Park Mall, Jakarta)


I'm very fond of Japanese Food especially when it comes to sushi, ramen and katsu. And on that joyful day, my friend decided to treat me to dinner at Central Park Mall. I have never tried food from Sushi Mori before and therefore I suggested them to eat at Sushi Mori (I always love trying out new food in new place!) The restaurant is really noticeable and easy to find.

The restaurant itself is quite big, I reckon it can accommodate 50-60 people. It's not really crowded at that time. The interior itself gives off Japanese feel as it is mostly decorated with Japanese things. But, I noticed a luxurious chandelier and heard several western songs from the radio, so I guess the restaurant concept is modern Japanese.

Without further ado, let's talk about the food!

Tori Katsu Teriyaki (IDR 42k)
Tori Katsu Teriyaki
I'm a bit surprised when this menu arrived in my table because the portion seems pretty small. (I thought it was served in huge portion judging from the picture in the menu). Nevertheless, the tori katsu was really great, it was crispy and the teriyaki sauce is nice. I also freaking love their salad and mayonnaise sauce!

Sake Sashimi (IDR 57k)
Sake Sashimi
I'm not a big fan of raw food, but I love their Sake Sashimi. It consists of 6 thick slices of salmon and the salmon was so fresh and juicy. I guess I'm starting to be a fan of raw food because of the Sake Sashimi!

Edamame (IDR 15k)
They are pretty generous in giving a bowl full of edamame. The taste is pretty decent, it doesn't have anything special, but it's okay though.

Volcano Roll (IDR 57k)
Volcano Roll
I always loved fried food, and this volcano roll just made my day! I love how they opted to serve a lot of crunchy flakes alongside the sushi. The sushi is nicely fried with bread crumbs and the filling consists of shrimp tempura, jellyfish, mayonnaise sauce and crunchy flakes. 

Shime Sake Maki (IDR 33k)
Shime Sake Maki
The shime sake maki was pretty decent, the filling consists of smoked salmon. It was too bland for my liking but thankfully I have a lot of crunchy flakes from volcano roll, so I could use that to elevate the taste of this menu!

Spicy Tuna Roll (IDR 35k)
Spicy Tuna Roll
The sushi filling consists of tuna, cucumber, seaweed and moreish crunchy flakes (yay!) and topped with Japanese flying fish roe (tobiko). Although I couldn't feel any spiciness at all in this menu (I wonder why it is called spicy tuna roll?), I still love it!

Rock 'n' Roll (IDR 45k)
Rock n Roll
(Look at those scary shrimp tails!)

The sushi filling consists of egg (tamago), shrimp tempura and tobiko. It has a hot and cold sensation when you bite the sushi, I presume the hot sensation was from newly fried shrimp tempura and the cold sensation was from the tobiko. I love everything inside the sushi except the shrimp tails. (I don't like shrimp tails for some reasons)

Fujiyama Roll (IDR 65k)
Fujiyama Roll
The fujiyama roll is a perfect choice for cheese lovers. The sushi filling consists of smoked salmon, chewy scallop and cheese sauce topped with lovely shredded cheese. I have never experienced sushi with cheese before, and I freaking love sushi with cheese now!

Overall, it was a nice visit to Sushi Mori, the place was clean, the service was quick, the staffs were friendly and I always loved the ambiance of Japanese Restaurant!

Sushi Mori
Central Park, LG, No 115, Jl. Letjen. S. Parman Kav. 28, Slipi, 11470
(021) 56985255 / (021) 56985256

*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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