The Bailey's and Chloe (Tanjung Duren, Jakarta)

The Bailey's and Chloe

Tanjung Duren is considered as one of the popular dining spots in Jakarta Barat. You can easily find places to eat here, there are street foods, snack bar, fast food restaurant, cafe and fancy-looking restaurant such as The Bailey's and Chloe. 

The Bailey's and Chloe is located in Tanjung Duren and it is easy to find the restaurant because it is located on the roadside. The restaurant concept is pretty unique as the decoration really gives off homey atmosphere. There are several baby girls dresses, bottles of beer and pictures of bear and scenery hanging on the wall.


The restaurant itself is not really spacey, but the decoration makes everything looks great and fancy, I have to say they did a great job in utilizing small spaces and decorating the restaurant. Every corner decorated with fancy-looking things so I bet you won't get bored to take a look around the restaurant.

Dining Area (Smoking Area)
Dining Area (Non-Smoking Area)
They have two kinds of dining area, the outdoor dining area (smoking area) and indoor dining area (non-smoking area). The outdoor dining area is located on the 2nd floor, while the indoor dining area is located both on the 1st floor and 2nd floor. As usual, I opted for the non-smoking area on the 1st floor.

Now, let's talk about their foods!

Dip Chips (IDR 15k)
Dip Chips
For the appetizer, I ordered Dip Chips which consists of crunchy potato chips with Bailey's and Chloe Mayo. I freaking love the chips, the crunchiness is perfect and it tastes even better with their signature mayonnaise sauce. I am a huge fan of potatoes especially if those potatoes are fried nicely!

Bailey's Favorite (IDR 30k)
Bailey's Favorite
Bailey's Favorite is one of Bailey's and Chloe signature dishes. It consists of sausages, smoked beef, chicken steak with mushroom sauce, fried egg, salad, and mashed potato. (you can choose between french fries, mashed potato and baby potatoes) Actually, I did choose french fries to accompany the Bailey's Favorite, but they served mashed potato instead. I think they got confused between the potato selection for this Bailey's Favorite and Chloe's Favorite, as they served the french fries on the Chloe's Favorite. (It is okay though, because I can still grab the french fries!)

The chicken steak was tender and seasoned nicely, same goes for the sausages. The smoked beef was really amazing, I love how they make the smoked beef half-burned as it gives off crunchy feeling and aromatic smell. The fried egg was crispy and the mashed potato was nice as well. 

Chloe's Favorite (IDR 30k)
Chloe's Favorite
Chloe's Favorite is another signature dish from Bailey's and Chloe. It consists of crispy chicken fillet, grilled mushroom and tomato, salad, devil egg and french fries. (it supposed to be served with mashed potato as I explained before)

The crispy chicken fillet was really delicious and moreish, and I'm so in love with the seasoned french fries, it was lightly seasoned with chili powder and the crispiness was just right! The unique thing I found in this menu was the devil egg, I thought it was a regular boiled egg at first, but then I noticed something strange, the yolk was runny and it seems that they have half-boiled the egg and mixed the yolk with some spices before they put it back to the albumen (egg white). Kudos for that creative thinking!

Ice Cream Fritte (IDR 18k)
Ice Cream Fritte
I have heard their Ice Cream Fritte before, many people said it is really great, so I decided to order one. It consists of strawberry ice cream, corn flakes, strawberries, mangoes and jelly. And (gosh!) it was really delicious and amazing! I love how they combine all of those things together, the sweetness from strawberry ice cream, the crunchiness of the corn flakes, the sourness from the mangoes and strawberries and not to mention those nice jellies. It was perfect and amazing!

Cookies and Cream (IDR 15k)
Cookies and Cream
The cookies and cream is similar like the common cookies and cream. It consists of blended cookies and cream topped with cookies crumbs. The sweetness was nicely adjusted and it was indeed a refreshing drink.

Pancake (IDR 18k)
The cute bear-shaped pancake is served with maple syrup, strawberry and whipped cream. The pancake was cooked nicely and tasted pretty decent. I bet many people will love the appearance of this cute pancake, and the question is "would you mind to devour those cute bears?"


Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to The Bailey's and Chloe!

Friendly staff, affordable price, delicious foods and nice decoration will be the reasons to come back to this fancy restaurant. I have to say the price of foods here are pretty affordable and I love how they creatively decorating their foods and beverages. I will surely come back to The Bailey's and Chloe especially for the delicious Ice Cream Fritte!

The Bailey's and Chloe
Tanjung Duren Utara IV no. 55A, Jakarta Barat, 11470
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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*


  1. The portion looks a bit small to me though.. Haha. The pancakes sure are cute!

    1. I agree with you rene, the portion is not really big and I do think some people (including me) will need more than one portion to fill up their stomach! :p


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