Tofu Dessert Hut (Kemanggisan, Jakarta)

Tofu Dessert
Tofu Dessert Hut is originated from a small town in Pontianak, West Kalimantan. They are mainly focusing to provide soya-based dessert such as soya ice cream, traditional bean curd, jelly bean curd etc. Tofu Dessert Hut already has several outlets in Pontianak, but this one is their first outlet in Jakarta. They just recently opened their new outlet in Jakarta, the owner is there at that time and I saw him explaining and giving training to his employees.

The interior is neatly decorated and dominated with wood-colored things, and the service here is really nice, but I don't see many people during my visit. I bet it is because they are still new, and many people may not have known this place.

They also have special promotion to celebrate their first outlet in Jakarta, just by mentioning "TOFU" to their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you will be given one portion of original bean curd mini for free.

Let's move on to the desserts!

Some desserts are already served with specific topping(s), but if you would like to have additional toppings, you can add more jelly, bubble, longan, caramel, blueberry, strawberry, peanut rice ball and sesame seed rice ball.

Flavored Jelly Bean Curd Snow Ice + Strawberry Jam (IDR 15k + IDR 5k)
Flavored Jelly Bean Curd Snow Ice + Strawberry Jam
It is basically consist of flavored jelly bean curd and shaved ice topped with strawberry jam. The owner suggested me to have it with strawberry jam or blueberry jam to make it more palatable, and I follow his suggestion by adding strawberry jam. The jelly bean curd was really soft and silky although I didn't find any flavor from it. Thanks to the strawberry jam, it makes everything tastes really good. It goes really well and give more flavor to this menu.

Tofu Green Tea Pudding [Mini] (IDR 16k)
Tofu Green Tea Pudding
The Tofu Green Tea Pudding consists of soft and silky green tea pudding, strawberries and topped with blueberry jam. The pudding is basically similar like the jelly bean curd, it is soft and silky which is nice. I love the blueberry jam, but I think the flavor from the blueberry jam is too strong, I couldn't taste any green tea flavor at all. 

Matcha Soya Frappe (IDR 19k)
Matcha Soya Frappe
The Matcha Soya Frappe is just mediocre. It doesn't have anything special and I think it was too watery and too bland. Though, it is a refreshing drink for a hot day.

Original Bean Curd [Mini] (IDR 11k)
Original Bean Curd
The original bean curd is served plain, so you can customize this menu by adding toppings according to your liking unless you would like to have it bland. 

Overall, the soya-based dessert that is served here is pretty decent, and plus point for the service, the owner was really friendly. (he explained each kind of their menu to me because I was confused while choosing the menu) Also, it is nice to have dessert that is good for your health as well, right?

Tofu Dessert Hut
Jl. Kemanggisan Ilir Raya No. 26D, Jakarta Barat
Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

*Since I couldn't find their store on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the store*

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