Three Buns (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 10:12:00 PM

(Another rainy weekend...)

I always think weekend is a perfect time to hang out and trying out new restaurant with friends. After one week working or studying, I think everyone deserved to have a good time on the weekend, some might opt to play games with friends, doing sport or other things according to their hobby. As for me, I opt to eat good foods and visit nice places on weekend to refresh my mind and to find my kind of happiness!

So, on that rainy weekend, me and my friends decided to meet up in one of the famous burger joints in Senopati, Three Buns. I have to say burger is a kind of food that is loved by many people. It's a delicious and simple food that can be eaten by children, teenagers or adults.

Social House (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 10:49:00 PM

It was a busy day at the office and I decided to go out for a meal after I get off work. Having heard about this restaurant from my friend before, I decided to have an early dinner at Social House that day. The restaurant itself is a bit hard to find due to renovation that blocked the way to get to the restaurant, so you have to use the lift near Gramedia to reach Social House. You will be welcomed by Social House signpost and alley which will lead you to the restaurant.

Dubu Jib (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:41:00 PM

I have to say there are plenty of Korean restaurants at Pantai Indah Kapuk right now, I have seen so many new Korean Restaurants opening their outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk these day. Dubu Jib is one of the Korean restaurants that is located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Dubu Jib literally means House of Tofu, which reflects about their specialty in serving tofu-based foods and beverages.

Hong Tang (Gandaria City, Jakarta)

by 7:41:00 PM
Hong Tang

I am a kind of person who loves dessert more than main course, so a dessert house like Hong Tang is a must-visit-place for me. I have been to Hong Tang so many times and I keep coming back for more because I can't get enough of their delicious desserts. I'm glad to know that they have opened so many branches in various mall in Jakarta right now, so it's easier for me to go to Hong Tang whenever I'm craving for their delicious desserts. That day, I went to Gandaria City and I decided to have desserts at Hong Tang as I was craving for cold and sweet desserts that day.

Chippy Happy Food (Gandaria City, Jakarta)

by 6:08:00 PM

(It's snack time!)

It's good to know that Chippy Happy Food finally opened their first outlet in Indonesia. Chippy Happy Food is a snack stall originated from Singapore, they served various healthy snacks as they claimed that they are not using any preservatives and additives at all. Their first store in Indonesia is located at Gandaria City, right in front of Lotte Mart and beside Auntie Anne. It's really easy to find the store thanks to their signature British Van.

Mad for Garlic (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)

by 8:03:00 PM

(Who love garlic?)

Me! Me! Me! I really really love garlic since I was little, I don't know why, but I really love the smell and the taste of garlic. (even though the aftermath of eating garlic is quite discomforting, I still love it!) So as a garlic-lover, I decided to eat at Mad for Garlic that day, a restaurant that specialized in serving garlic-based Italian cuisine.

Even though they serve garlic-based Italian cuisine, Mad for Garlic was actually originated in Korea in 2001. They already have branches in Korea and Singapore, and the one in Indonesia is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.

Beatrice Quarters (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:57:00 AM
Beatrice Quarters

It's not a secret that Pantai Indah Kapuk has been a popular dining spot in North Jakarta, especially with many types of restaurant that have opened their outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk. You can find cafe, bar, dessert house, Korean restaurant, Japanese restaurant, Chinese restaurant and many more here. Beatrice Quarters is one of the restaurant that is located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, it is an Italian Fusion Restaurant with cute and homey concept. Having heard about this place from a friend of mine, I decided to have my light and early dinner at Beatrice Quarters that day.

Locale 24 Diner & Bar (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 9:36:00 PM

It has been raining all day long and it was really cold in Jakarta that day. (which is pretty unusual!) Seriously, the weather has been really strange lately, although I personally prefer cold weather rather than hot one, but sudden temperature changes really make me feel sick. Despite all of that, on that lazy and cold afternoon, I decided to eat at Locale 24 Diner & Bar which is located not really far from where I live. The restaurant itself was really easy to find thanks to its sparkling-green-bus appearance.

Coffee Kulture (Pluit, Jakarta)

by 10:11:00 PM

For some reasons, I don't really like place that were too noisy and packed with people. And that's why I love to go to the coffee shop because the ambiance in coffee shop is usually cozy and quite. (though I know several coffee shops that were super noisy and packed with people)

Coffee Kulture is a coffee shop that is located in North Jakarta, specifically in Pluit. The coffee shop is really easy to find thanks to its huge banner in front of the shop. Not to mention it is located on Pluit Karang street, one of the busiest roads in North Jakarta.

Jill in Marketbar (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta) - Closed

by 10:11:00 PM

(What's to eat when you don't feel like eating?)

That's what I am thinking about that day, I don't know why, but I really don't feel like eating that day, I guess it's caused by the odd weather in Jakarta lately, it can be raining all day long today and it can be super humid on the next day. So, I found a restaurant called Jill in Marketbar and I looked at a segment called "A Little Bit Hungry" on their menu which consisted of various unique side dishes such as truffle fries and stuffed crispy potato skin which I will discuss later. Feeling that it was a right choice to have light dinner with various unique side dishes, I decided to eat at Jill in Marketbar.

Koultoura Coffee (Taman Ratu, Jakarta)

by 6:39:00 PM

Drinking coffee might become a habit for some people, I have seen many people who love coffee so much that they drink it everyday or maybe twice a day. (or more than that) Coffee shop could be a perfect destination for all coffee lovers to hang out while drinking their favorite coffee. Well, I'm not a hardcore coffee lover, but I do love the cozy and quiet ambiance of coffee shop and that's why I love to go to coffee shop. Koultoura Coffee is one of the coffee shops that is located in Jakarta, specifically in Taman Ratu.

Shirokuma (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 7:18:00 PM

Pantai Indah Kapuk can be considered as one of the popular dining spots in North Jakarta, there are huge numbers of restaurant there, and I have to say the restaurant turnover is quite high here, because I often see new restaurants opening their outlet here while other restaurants closing theirs. If the restaurant doesn't have any competitive advantage(s), it might be hard to survive. (yes, businesses nowadays are like that, right?)

Wokhei (Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit, Jakarta)

by 7:05:00 PM

Baywalk Mall can be categorized as a new shopping mall in North Jakarta which is located near the sea and not far from where I live. I love to go to this kind of shopping mall, because it's not super crowded and the ambiance is nice. The concept is similar to one of the shopping malls in Bali, which is also located near the sea, minus the nice beach and sea.

Lobbyn Kitchen & Bar (Kemang, Jakarta)

by 7:28:00 PM

Lobbyn Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant that is located in Fave Hotel Kemang and also served as the hotel banquet. The restaurant has 2 kinds of dining area, the first one is indoor area which is located on the 1st floor and the second one is rooftop area which is located on the 7th floor. I opted for the rooftop area because the indoor area is just common and too mainstream for me. 

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