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(It's snack time!)

It's good to know that Chippy Happy Food finally opened their first outlet in Indonesia. Chippy Happy Food is a snack stall originated from Singapore, they served various healthy snacks as they claimed that they are not using any preservatives and additives at all. Their first store in Indonesia is located at Gandaria City, right in front of Lotte Mart and beside Auntie Anne. It's really easy to find the store thanks to their signature British Van.

British Van

Even though their concept was serving Grab-and-Go snack, they also provide dining area for those who would like to have their food there. The dining area itself is not really big, I bet it can accommodate around 15-20 people. I barely saw any customer(s) on the store that day, maybe not many people have known about this snack from Singapore.

British Van

The ordering procedure is similar like the other snack stores, first, you have to place your order on the side of the British Van, and then you will be asked to sit down and wait while they are preparing your order, which means all the food are freshly cooked right after you ordered it. (So, you can expect warm and hot snacks!) Currently, they only serve 4 menu(s) which are Battered Fish & Fries, Crumbed Calamari, Curry Chicken and Fried Chocolate. (I hope to see the other menu(s) soon!)

Let's talk about their snacks!

Curry Chicken (IDR 33k)
Curry Chicken

The Curry Chicken is nicely deep-fried chickens with curry powder, it came with mayonnaise sauce as the dipping sauce. (they also have other sauces such as cheese, tartar and vinegar) As a huge fan of fried food (especially chicken!), I have to say that their Curry Chicken was super delicious! I love how the chicken was not too oily and the crispness was just perfect, the curry flavor was flavorful and the mayonnaise sauce made it even better. 

Curry Chicken
Curry Chicken

Battered Fish & Fries (IDR 36k)
Battered Fish & Fries

The Battered Fish & Fries came with tartar sauce as the dipping sauce. (I always think tartar sauce is the best companion for battered fish!) The fish was generously given and the fries was thick, (I prefer thin-cut fries though, but this one was okay) the tartar sauce was also generously given. I found the battered fish tasted pretty decent, not extraordinary, but it was still okay.

Battered Fish & Fries
Battered Fish & Fries

Overall, I enjoyed the snacks that are served by Chippy Happy Food especially the moreish Curry Chicken, it was so addicting and delicious! I haven't been able to try their famous fried chocolate that day, and will definitely come back to try it sometime soon!

Chippy Happy Food
Gandaria City, LG Floor, Jl. KH. M. Syafii Hadzani No.8, Kebayoran Lama, 12240

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00

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