Coffee Kulture (Pluit, Jakarta)


For some reasons, I don't really like place that were too noisy and packed with people. And that's why I love to go to the coffee shop because the ambiance in coffee shop is usually cozy and quite. (though I know several coffee shops that were super noisy and packed with people)

Coffee Kulture is a coffee shop that is located in North Jakarta, specifically in Pluit. The coffee shop is really easy to find thanks to its huge banner in front of the shop. Not to mention it is located on Pluit Karang street, one of the busiest roads in North Jakarta.


The place itself is quite small and it is not really spacey inside, I reckon they can accommodate 40-50 people. They have smoking area which is located at the back and non-smoking area which you can see in the picture above. The walls are decorated like chalkboard and I noticed some polaroid photos hanging on the wall. I love the ambiance of this coffee shop, even though the place is small, it still gives off cozy and quite ambiance.


Let's move on to their coffee and food!

Char Siew Bao (IDR 17.8k)
Char Siew Bao

(Dimsum in coffee shop, why not?)

The Char Siew Bao is a steamed bun with pork filling, it is one of the signature dishes in dimsum. The one that they served here tasted pretty decent, the bun was soft and the pork filling was generously given. But, I kinda felt the pork filling was overly sweet, I think it would be nice if it's less sweet.

Char Siew Bao

Ham Sui Kok (IDR 16.8k)
Ham Sui Kok
The Ham Sui Kok is a sweet potatoes that were nicely fried and filled with ebi (dried shrimps). I love how they made the Ham Sui Kok in cute carrot shape. Though I personally didn't really like ebi because of its strong fishy smell, the Ham Sui Kok tasted pretty decent, the ebi filling was also generously given.

Ham Sui Kok

Landak Pao (IDR 17.8k)
Landak Pao

(Another cute food!)

Actually I would like to try their well-known uber cute Piggy Pao (pig-shaped salted egg steamed bun), but they were ran out of stock that day. (sigh!) So, the waiter recommended their brand new cute dimsum which is called Landak Pao (porcupine-shaped steamed bun with tausa filling), in case you don't know what is tausa, it is steam swirl red bean which taste sweet and usually used as filling for buns. 

The Landak Pao was not disappointing, despite its uber cute presentation, it tasted delicious as well. Though I felt the tausa was slightly given, the sweetness was really well-adjusted and the bun was soft. But, you have to be careful, because those porcupine quills were as sharp as knife! (okay, I'm exaggerating, it's only sharp) My gum even got stabbed several times by those porcupine quills, nice defense you got there Mr. Porcupine Bun!

Mr. Porcupine Bun

Fried Mantou (IDR 13.8k)
Fried Mantou
This is one of the must-have menus when I go to dimsum place! I love fried food and Fried Mantou has always been my favorite since my childhood. The one that they served here was pretty decent, the mantou was soft and warm and the condensed milk was nice although it's a bit watery compared to the usual condensed milk.

Fried Mantou

Volcano Cassava (IDR 25k)
Volcano Cassava
The Volcano Cassava consists of  fried cassava topped with grated cheese, chili and bell pepper. If you are Indonesian, I reckon all of you must have already known this food before, as this is one of the famous "gorengan" that can easily be found on many streets. The one that they served here was delicious, the cassava was nicely fried until it reached perfect crispness level.

Hot Classic Chocolate (IDR 30k)
Hot Classic Chocolate
The Hot Classic Chocolate came with kitten latte art which was uber cute. (you can also request specific latte art) The chocolate was bold and I love how it's not overly sweet and had strong chocolate flavor!

Hot Classic Chocolate

Iced Americano (IDR 24k)
Iced Americano
The Iced Americano tasted pretty decent, it was too bitter for my liking, but don't worry because they gave a lot of sugar syrup for sweet coffee lover!


Overall, it was a nice visit to Coffee Kulture, the service was friendly (although a bit slow), the place was cozy and the coffee and food tasted pretty decent, though it was a bit disappointing because the green tea based drink and uber cute Piggy Pao were ran out of stock that day. Oh, and they currently have special promotion, just by showing your student card or teaching employee card, you will get 15% discount!

Coffee Kulture
Pluit Karang Utara 37, Jakarta, Indonesia, 14450
(021) 6602234

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu: 11:00 am - 10:00 pm
Fri - Sun: 11:00 am - 11:00 pm

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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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