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I have to say there are plenty of Korean restaurants at Pantai Indah Kapuk right now, I have seen so many new Korean Restaurants opening their outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk these day. Dubu Jib is one of the Korean restaurants that is located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Dubu Jib literally means House of Tofu, which reflects about their specialty in serving tofu-based foods and beverages.


(I love how they decorate the entrance with wooden stairway, unique!)

Open Kitchen

The interior itself is quiet spacey and mostly decorated with wood material. The restaurant has two floors and I reckon they can accommodate around 60-80 people. The restaurant also have open kitchen concept, so you could see the chef while he's preparing your meal. Oh, and another interesting thing is the chef is said to be originated from Korea, so you could expect authentic Korean dishes here!

Let's talk about their food!

Banchan (Free)
Banchan (clockwise from lower left: tofu, odeng, nori, kimchi)

Banchan is various side-dishes that is commonly served by Korean Restaurant, they served 4 kinds of banchan which are: (clockwise from lower left)
  • Tofu - the tofu tasted pretty decent, it tasted a bit sour but still okay for me
  • Odeng - the fish cakes also tasted pretty decent, thankfully it didn't have strong fishy smell
  • Roasted Seaweed - well-known as nori in Japanese Food, I love the one they served here, it was nicely seasoned and had perfect level of crispness, I could even finish this roasted seaweed all by myself
  • Kimchi - the kimchi tasted pretty decent, it was not too spicy compared to kimchi that are served by other Korean restaurants

Kimbab (IDR 32k)

Kimbab is a popular Korean dish, usually made of steamed white rice and other ingredients and rolled in dried seaweed. The filling consists of sausage, egg, cucumber, white radish and carrot. It tasted pretty decent for me, nothing really special about the kimbab , but it was okay.

Bulgogi (IDR 120k)

Another signature Korean dish, bulgogi is basically grilled marinated beef, the one that they served here tasted pretty decent for me. The marinated beef was juicy, tender and cooked nicely, but I felt that it was lack of seasoning, it would be nice if they add more seasoning and strong flavor to elevate the taste of their bulgogi, definitely not the best bulgogi I've ever had, but it was okay.


Sun Dubu Combo (IDR 78k)
Sun Dubu Combo

Sun Dubu Combo is Korean homemade tofu soup with seafood and beef, this one is said to be the signature dish of Dubu Jib. It tasted pretty decent for me, it's not too spicy and had generous amount of seafood and beef inside the soup, you can also add raw egg to the soup.

Jap Chae (IDR 68k)
Jap Chae

Jap Chae is another signature Korean dish, it was stir-fried Korean potato noodle with meat and vegetables. The Jap Chae they served here tasted pretty okay for me, it was a bit bland for my liking, maybe it would be better if the seasoning was bolder and stronger.

La Galbi (IDR 180k)
La Galbi

Judging from the appearance when this menu arrived at my table, I had high expectation of this menu as it looked really appetizing with shining short ribs on the hot plate. And yes, this one didn't let me down, because it was super delicious! The short ribs was perfectly marinated and cooked, it was juicy, tender and a bit chewy. The seasoning was bold and strong unlike the other dishes they served. This one definitely one of the best meats that I ever had.

La Galbi

Rapokki (IDR 88k)

Rapokki is basically ramen and tteokbokki mixed together in one plate and topped with hard-boiled egg. This dish was a bit spicy compared to other dishes they served, the tteokbokki was chewy, the odeng was delicious and the ramen was a bit firm and lightly seasoned with chili sauce.


Banana Dooyu (IDR 45k)
Banana Dooyu

Banana Dooyu is soybean milk mixed with banana, I have to say this beverage was pretty unique and intriguing. Frankly speaking, it tasted a bit weird at first, but after a while, it turned out to be quite delicious. The soybean milk was strong and overpowering the banana taste, I guess it might be better if the banana flavor was stronger to balance the strong soybean flavor.

Pat Dooyu (IDR 45k)
Pat Dooyu

Pat Dooyu is another unique beverage that they served, it is soybean milk mixed with red bean. This one also tasted a bit weird at first, but it got better after a while. The red bean flavor was quite strong and it did well in balancing the strong soybean milk flavor.

Overall, it was a nice visit to Dubu Jib, some of their dishes was really unique and memorable, though some foods really need improvement in my opinion, the place itself was also nice and cozy. Last but not least, thanks to Openrice and Dubu Jib for the gathering, it was a nice and fun gathering.

Dubu Jib
Ruko Garden House, Blok D No. 20, Jl. Raya Pantai Indah Kapuk, Pantai Indah Kapuk
(021) 29033375

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10:00 - 22:00


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