Hong Tang (Gandaria City, Jakarta)

Hong Tang

I am a kind of person who loves dessert more than main course, so a dessert house like Hong Tang is a must-visit-place for me. I have been to Hong Tang so many times and I keep coming back for more because I can't get enough of their delicious desserts. I'm glad to know that they have opened so many branches in various mall in Jakarta right now, so it's easier for me to go to Hong Tang whenever I'm craving for their delicious desserts. That day, I went to Gandaria City and I decided to have desserts at Hong Tang as I was craving for cold and sweet desserts that day.


I went to their outlet at Gandaria City, I reckon it hasn't been long since they opened their outlet here because I didn't see their outlet when I went to Gandaria City around 2 months ago. The place itself was packed with people (as expected), but thankfully I got a table as soon as I arrived. There's nothing really special about the decoration, it was just neatly decorated although it's not really spacey.

Let's talk about their desserts!

Grass Jelly with Pudding + Mochi + Pearl (IDR 42k)
Grass Jelly with Pudding + Mochi + Pearl

The waiter asked me whether I would like to have this menu with ice cream or not, but I opted not to add any ice cream as I already had my pudding with ice cream. (which you will see soon) I freaking love their pudding, it was so soft, sweet and fragrant. The mochi and grass jelly tasted pretty decent, and the pearl tasted okay for me. The only disappointing thing was the mildly-cold dessert, I was expecting super cold dessert though.

Grass Jelly with Pudding + Mochi + Pearl

Ice Pudding with Ice Cream (IDR 38k)
Ice Pudding with Ice Cream

The Ice Pudding came with matcha ice cream and 3-flavored pudding which are chocolate pudding, tiramisu pudding and mango pudding along with shaved ice. (you can choose whether you want it to be 1-flavored, 2-flavored or 3-flavored) The pudding was fragrant, not too sweet and delicious, but my favorite will always be the chocolate one. I love how the chocolate flavor was strong and it went well with matcha ice cream.

Ice Pudding with Ice Cream
Ice Pudding with Ice Cream

Matcha Milk Tea (IDR 22k)
Matcha Milk Tea

The Matcha Milk Tea tasted pretty decent, although I could barely taste any matcha flavor from this drink, it's still a refreshing drink for a hot day. But, I would prefer if it's not too watery and had stronger matcha flavor. (I usually like light matcha flavor, but this one was lighter than what I expected)


Overall, I am satisfied with desserts that are served by Hong Tang, not to mention that the service was quick and the desserts was refreshing and delicious. I just hope they would innovate to create more amazing desserts in the future and I would definitely come back to Hong Tang especially when I'm craving for something cold and something sweet!

Hong Tang
Gandaria City, Lantai Upper Ground, Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Gandaria, Jakarta
(021) 29236770

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00

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