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Drinking coffee might become a habit for some people, I have seen many people who love coffee so much that they drink it everyday or maybe twice a day. (or more than that) Coffee shop could be a perfect destination for all coffee lovers to hang out while drinking their favorite coffee. Well, I'm not a hardcore coffee lover, but I do love the cozy and quiet ambiance of coffee shop and that's why I love to go to coffee shop. Koultoura Coffee is one of the coffee shops that is located in Jakarta, specifically in Taman Ratu.

Coffee Cups 
Bakery and Pastry Display

The coffee shop itself is quite big and spacey, I reckon they can accommodate 50-60 people and I love how they decorate the coffee shop with things that give off homey feeling. The lighting inside the coffee shop is bright and nice as they have many windows as you can see in the picture above. I really love the ambiance of this coffee shop and I feel like I can stay here for hours!

It was packed with people at that time, but thankfully it wasn't noisy at all. I noticed some people were working on their laptop, some were studying for exams and some were chatting with friends. I love how they maintain a good distance between one table and another to reduce the unwanted noise.

Let's get started with the food!

Green Tea Latte (IDR 33k)
Green Tea Latte
The green tea latte I ordered came with bear latte art. (you can also request specific latte art for your coffee) I felt guilty when I'm about to drink this green tea latte, because I have to ruin the uber cute bear latte art. Nevertheless, the green tea latte was delicious and nice, the green tea flavor was quite strong and I prefer to drink the green tea latte as it is without any condiments.

Green Tea Latte
Green Tea Latte

Flat White (IDR 30k)
Flat White
Pardon for the unflattering foam on the picture, I have been too busy taking picture of the cute green tea latte, so I left the flat white for quite long time. (sorry flat white, I didn't hate you!) The flat white tasted pretty decent, it was warm and milky. I prefer sweet coffee rather than bitter one, so I added quite a lot of sugar and syrup to make it more palatable.

Croque Madam (IDR 50k)
Croque Madam

The croque madam is a toast served with poached egg, grilled ham and topped with melted cheese. It was served alongside with crunchy potato wedges. The croque madam was delicious and nutritious, the melted cheese was generously given, the grilled ham was savory and the poached egg was good. (I wished runnier yolks were given though) The potato wedges was super duper delicious, it was crispy, salty and moreish. I don't know how to describe this, but I guess those are the best potato wedges I ever had. I don't mind to have this croque madam as my breakfast everyday!

Croque Madam
Croque Madam

Smores Pie (IDR 35k)
Smores Pie
The smores pie is a chocolate pie topped with gooey toasted marshmallows. It was super delicious, the crust was crunchy and sweet, the cream inside the pie was sweet and nice and the gooey toasted marshmallow was chewy and sweet. The combination was amazing and I am so in love with their smores pie!


Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Koultoura Coffee, great food, friendly service and  homey ambiance will be the reasons to come back to this coffee shop. Even there are many other coffee shops in Jakarta, Koultoura Coffee definitely make it to be one of my favorite coffee shops in town and I will definitely come back to drink coffee and eat their delicious food.  I always think coffee shop is a nice place to relax your mind after a busy day, right?

Koultoura Coffee
Jalan Taman Ratu Indah Blok AA2 no 33, Jakarta, Indonesia
(021) 29520310

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm

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