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(Who love garlic?)

Me! Me! Me! I really really love garlic since I was little, I don't know why, but I really love the smell and the taste of garlic. (even though the aftermath of eating garlic is quite discomforting, I still love it!) So as a garlic-lover, I decided to eat at Mad for Garlic that day, a restaurant that specialized in serving garlic-based Italian cuisine.

Even though they serve garlic-based Italian cuisine, Mad for Garlic was actually originated in Korea in 2001. They already have branches in Korea and Singapore, and the one in Indonesia is located in Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, one of the biggest malls in Jakarta, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.


The interior is decorated like medieval European rustic tavern, there are garlic hanging here and there. (I bet draculas won't be able to enter this restaurant, lol!) The place was quite, cozy and a little bit dark, the restaurant itself is spacey and I reckon they can accommodate more than 100 people. 


They have smoking area and non-smoking area, I opted for the non-smoking area that day. It was not really crowded that day, I bet because it's not time to break the fast yet. The place was quite, the only thing I could hear was some Western songs that are played from the speakers.

Without further ado, let's talk about their food!

Crispy Chicken Salad (IDR 60k)
Crispy Chicken Salad

The Crispy Chicken Salad is basically salad topped with chicken and crispy fried wonton skin. Not a big fan of vegetables or salad, it tasted pretty okay for me. The only thing I questioned was where is the crispy chicken, because the skinless chicken fillet was definitely not crispy at all, and they definitely write "crispy chicken and oriental salad dressing" on the menu. I guess the 'crispy' word refers to fried wonton skin not the chicken.

Crispy Chicken Salad

Garlic Carbonara Pasta (IDR 95k)
Garlic Carbonara Pasta

The Garlic Carbonara Pasta is basically carbonara topped with bacon and garlic cream sauce. The pasta was so creamy and the portion was unexpectedly huge. The bacon was savory and delicious, though I couldn't feel any strong garlic flavor in this pasta, it was still delicious and nice.

Arrabiata (IDR 80k)

Arrabiata is pasta served with bacon slices and crushed pepper in tomato sauce. The pasta was supposed to be spicy, but I requested for mild spiciness for this menu and I found out that my decision was wrong later on. Maybe because the chili amount was reduced, they use tomato instead, and it resulted in super sour sauce. I'm not exaggerating, but the sourness was beyond my acceptable limit and it's overpowering the whole dishes. Nevertheless, it tasted pretty decent, I bet it would be delicious if it was less sour.


Chicken and Spinach Cream Pasta (IDR 95k)
Chicken and Spinach Cream Pasta

It's good to know that they were pretty generous in giving the chicken, I mean look at the amount of chicken in the picture! (yay!) It tasted pretty delicious, cheesy and creamy. (it was less creamy than Garlic Carbonara Pasta though) I love how they asked whether we would like to have it with grated cheese or not before they added the cheese to the pasta, so no worry for those who don't like cheese.

Mushroom Risotto (IDR 125k)
Mushroom Risotto

The Mushroom Risotto came with extra spicy option, it is basically a risotto cooked with spinach and mushroom topped with super nice grilled chicken leg. I'm not so into the risotto, but I loved the grilled chicken leg, it was tender, savory and well-seasoned.

Chicken & Pasta Combo (IDR 120k)
Chicken & Pasta Combo

The Chicken & Pasta Combo was super duper freaking delicious. The pasta tasted pretty decent and the chicken was to die for, it was seasoned nicely, tender, flavorful and perfectly grilled. To make it clear, this was my favorite menu at Mad for Garlic, I won't mind to have this menu again every time I go to Mad for Garlic!

Garlic Snowing Pizza (IDR 115k)
Garlic Snowing Pizza

(Pizza with garlic? yes please!)

When this menu arrived at my table, I instantly fell in love with this because of the appearance, I could see tons of garlic as the topping of the pizza. (not to mention the appealing garlic smell!) I love how the crust was thin and crispy, definitely my favorite kind of pizza. The fried garlic was generously given, the prawn was huge and juicy and the pizza was so creamy and moreish. For those who really love garlic, you definitely have to try this Garlic Snowing Pizza! so unique, so garlicky, so good!

Garlic Snowing Pizza

Iced Lemon Tea (IDR 20k)
Iced Lemon Tea

The Iced Lemon Tea they served here tasted pretty decent and refreshing. The sugar syrup was served separately, so you can adjust the sweetness level according to your liking. As for me, I poured a lot of sugar syrup because I love sweeter lemon tea!

Red Dawn Smoothie (IDR 35k)
Red Dawn Smoothie

This one also tasted pretty decent and refreshing, and I love how it had balanced sweetness and sourness level.

You may notice that I ordered more food than I usually do, it's because I came with a bunch of my friends to meet up and having a nice conversation about life. (lol!) Some of them even teased me to feature their hand on my blog, so here you go guys, I've featured your hand!

Overall, it was a nice visit to Mad for Garlic, I felt like I have fulfilled my craving for garlic that day. The service was friendly and quick, the food was nice and the ambiance was cozy. I wouldn't mind to have another visit to Mad for Garlic, especially for the Chicken & Pasta Combo!

Mad for Garlic
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, West Mall - Ground Floor-20A
Jl. MH Thamrin No. 1 Jakarta, 10310
(021) 23581076

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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