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Pantai Indah Kapuk can be considered as one of the popular dining spots in North Jakarta, there are huge numbers of restaurant there, and I have to say the restaurant turnover is quite high here, because I often see new restaurants opening their outlet here while other restaurants closing theirs. If the restaurant doesn't have any competitive advantage(s), it might be hard to survive. (yes, businesses nowadays are like that, right?)

Shirokuma is a new Japanese dessert cafe in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Shirokuma literally means Polar Bear in Japanese, I guess that explain the logo of their cafe. They had their soft opening on June 28th and ever since then it was super crowded and packed with people, I even had to wait for around 30 minutes. (I came there on weekdays, so can you imagine how would it be on weekend?)

I reckon they hype was caused by their special promotion by giving 50% discount for all desserts, and free Shaka Fries only by following their instagram. The promotion only valid until July 6th, so you'd better be hurry!

The restaurant itself is not very spacey, but they did a great job in utilizing the small spaces. They have smoking area and non-smoking area. The smoking area is located on the front and the non-smoking area is located on the back. It was super crowded that day, all tables were occupied and most of the customers were teenagers.

Let's move on to the food!

Tasting Plate (IDR 32k)
Tasting Plate
The tasting plate consists of shiratama balls (glutinous rice balls), red bean, matcha cake and twist soft ice cream. (you can choose whether you want original, matcha, or twist soft ice cream) The soft ice cream melted kinda quick, but it was light, cold and delicious. The matcha cake was awesome, it was like brownies infused with matcha. I love how it was not overly sweet and had a hint of matcha. The shiratama anko was plain and chewy, and the red bean was super sweet. It was super delicious when you eat all of them together!

Tasting Plate
Tasting Plate

Shiratama Parfait (IDR 35k)
Shiratama Parfait
The shiratama parfait consists of shiratama balls, corn flakes, red bean, mochi and matcha soft ice cream. I love how all of the ingredients complement each other, the matcha was light, the red bean was sweet and the ice cream was really soft. (and melted quickly as well!) The only disappointing thing was, I didn't find any matcha jelly inside the parfait, I believe they said it will be accompanied with matcha jelly as well. Too bad I didn't get to try their matcha jelly, but the shiratama parfait was still nice though!

Shiratama Parfait

Shaka Fries with Shia Butter (IDR 23k)
Shaka Fries with Shia Butter
They have various choice of flavors to go with their Shaka Fries such as chili salt, nori, barbeque, and shia butter. The fries was mediocre, it tasted like buttered french fries, but it was a bit too oily for me. Oh! and I love the presentation of the Shaka Fries, it was served in cute small bucket.

Shaka Fries with Shia Butter

Kuro Japadog (IDR 43k)
Kuro Japadog
Kuro Japadog
I always loved unique menu and so is this black-colored hot dog! They have two choices of sausage, you can go with beef or pork, and I went with pork one. The charcoal bun was nice, I love it because it was different than normal bun, it had a bit of charcoal smell. (unique!) The sausage was huge, long and it didn't have strong pork taste. The teriyaki sauces was a bit overpowering the whole dishes, but it was delicious and nice. It might not be the most delicious hot dog that I have eaten, but it was unique!

Kuro Japadog

Matcha Soft Cream (IDR 15k)
Matcha Soft Cream
There are 2 versions of their matcha soft cream, you can choose whether you want it to be served with cone or cup. Of course, I chose it to be served with cone. (I really love ice cream with cone!) The matcha soft ice cream was light and soft and I super love the cone! It was crunchy and moreish, I wouldn't mind to eat more cone!

Cute Beckoning Cat
Look at those cute beckoning cat which I found right in front of the cashier! I guess it really does bring good luck for shirokuma, don't you think so?

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Shirokuma, the desserts and food was unique and delicious and the place was nice. If you prefer light matcha dessert rather than strong matcha dessert, Shirokuma will be a perfect choice for you. The service was quite poor though, there were many mistakes, such as I didn't get any matcha pudding on my shiratama parfait, the matcha soft cream was delivered twice to me. But it's okay though, because they are new, I guess the staffs were not used to it. I believe they will improve as the time passes by!

I will definitely come back to Shirokuma whenever I'm craving for their light matcha soft ice cream!

Ruko Crown Golf Blok A No.32 (Jalan Marina Indah), Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta, 14460
(021) 29237523
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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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