Wokhei (Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit, Jakarta)


Baywalk Mall can be categorized as a new shopping mall in North Jakarta which is located near the sea and not far from where I live. I love to go to this kind of shopping mall, because it's not super crowded and the ambiance is nice. The concept is similar to one of the shopping malls in Bali, which is also located near the sea, minus the nice beach and sea.

The disappointing things here in Jakarta are the color of the sea (it's literally black, I don't know whether it's filled with oil or other trashes) and the smell, if you ever gone to Muara Angke Harbor, you must have known that the place is filled with infamous fish smell. Luckily, the smell was not too strong that day, and don't worry because I guarantee you won't feel the infamous fish smell inside the mall.

Well, I do hope people become more aware of the environment, not to litter especially in the sea. Better environment will make a better live for everyone, right?

Okay, enough for the long introduction, so I was craving for Chinese food that day, and therefore I decided to eat at Wokhei. 

They have indoor seating area and outdoor seating area, I opted for the outdoor seating area for the sake of better lighting and great scenery. It was not really crowded that day, I reckon only 1-2 tables were occupied, but more people were coming after I sat down (I guess I bring good luck for the restaurant, lol!)

Let's move on to the food!

Wokhei Fried Noodle (IDR 34k)
Wokhei Fried Noodle
Appearance wise, it might look like normal fried noodle, but this one was really delicious! The noodle was firm, chewy and it's seasoned nicely. It might not be the best fried noodle that I ever had, but it was delicious and nice.

Yang Chow Fried Rice (IDR 32k)
Yang Chow Fried Rice
The fried rice is basically consist of eggs, scallions, chicken and pickles, the portion is quite small, but it's filling enough for me. I had high expectation for this menu, because I have eaten this kind of dishes in other Chinese restaurants and it was great, but this one was a bit bland and I barely could feel any taste from it. Thankfully, I ordered delicious Wokhei fried noodle, so I could mix it with the fried rice to make this menu more palatable.

Yang Chow Fried Rice

Prawn Dumpling (IDR 20k)
Prawn Dumpling
Prawn dumpling is the must-have menu for me when I go to Chinese restaurant (especially because it's nicely fried!) It was served alongside with mayonnaise sauce. It was crispy, warm and tasted even better with the mayonnaise sauce. I wished they give more mayonnaise sauce though.

Prawn Dumpling

Pandan Steamed Bun (IDR 15k)
Pandan Steamed Bun
I really love green, and I love those pandan steamed buns because of its green-colored buns. The filling was made from pandan paste and I love the pandan paste because it was not overly sweet and fragrant, the bun was also soft and nice.

Pandan Steamed Bun Filling

Liang Teh (IDR 16k)
Liang Teh
Liang Cha or usually called Liang Teh is a signature Chinese drink which is made from herbal tea. Many people believe it will help to cool down the body when it was overheated due to weather or sickness. This one is the must-have drink for me if I go to Chinese restaurant. Not only because it taste great and refreshing, it's also good for health. The one that they served here was pretty decent, it was not overly sweet and refreshing.

Overall, it was a nice visit to Wokhei as it could satisfy my craving for Chinese food. The Chinese food they served was pretty decent and nice. The service was nice, friendly and quick, they also had their staffs stand by on the outdoor area, so you won't have any difficulties if you would like to ask for menu/bill. Well, I  also love the quote in the picture below, "Keep Calm and Eat Chinese Food"!


Baywalk Mall @ Green Bay Pluit, Jl. Pluit Karang Ayu, Jakarta, 14450
(021) 29629592 / (021) 29629593
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