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Last weekend probably one of the most memorable weekends that I ever had, because I got a chance to meet up with one of famous foodies and food bloggers, Ms. Daisy from Food Escape. So, we decided to meet up at Bunga Rampai restaurant in Menteng area because I had my previous appointment near Menteng area. (thanks Ms. Daisy for being so considerate!)

The restaurant looks like a huge Dutch colonial house from outside and once I went in to the restaurant, I literally was amazed by the grand interior and luxurious decoration. (you will know it once you see the pictures of interior later!) Oh and I have to tell you beforehand that this post will be loaded with a lot of photos! (especially interior and decoration photos) The restaurant itself is quite hard to find because it looks like a normal house, but if you pay more attention, you can see the clear signage of the restaurant.

Cookie Display
Waiting Room

The waiting room itself is so luxurious as you can see in the picture above, the decorations really look expensive and deluxe. (especially those chandelier!) The waiting room itself is already great and I have to told you that the dining area was even greater than the waiting room. They recently renovated the restaurant to accommodate more people to dine in. They have 1st, 2nd and 3rd floor, and each floor is estimated to accommodate up to 80 people. Each floor has different kinds of concepts and the concept for the 1st floor is an old-style fine dining concept. (thanks to Mr. Williams for showing us around the restaurant!)

Curious about the 2nd and 3rd floor? Here you go!

2nd Floor Interior
2nd Floor Interior
Bunch of Fruits

The 2nd floor was way more to the modern fine dining concept, the decorations were grand and luxurious with a bunch of fruits served on the table. I felt like I was entering a grand dining room in a castle and like I were going to have dinner with the king and queen. (lol!)

3rd Floor Interior
3rd Floor Interior
3rd Floor Interior

The concept of 3rd floor is modern rooftop fine-dining, I was literally wowed when I arrived at the 3rd floor, because the place is really amazing and the lighting is really nice as well. I bet this place is really suitable for teenagers and young people, they also have a bar at the corner of the 3rd floor. Unfortunately, the restaurant was fully booked at that time, so we got a seat at the corner on the 1st floor. Oh, and have I told you that they have lift to carry you to another floor?

Let's move on to the food!

Cumi Garing Anyar + Steamed Rice (IDR 65k)
Cumi Garing Anyar + Steamed Rice

To be honest, I super love how the rice was served in a lion-engraved bowl, it was unique and looked so luxurious. The squid itself tasted pretty decent, it was crunchy and not chewy at all, had a minimal amount of fishy smell and had a strong seasoning. Though I would like it more if it was less sweet, because the seasoning was too sweet for my liking.

Cumi Garing Anyar + Steamed Rice

Bitter Ballen (IDR 56k)
Bitter Ballen

Bitter Ballen is a savory Dutch meat-based snack that is shaped like a sphere, sometimes also called as Dutch meatballs. The one they served here was wrapped with cone-shaped banana leaf (cute!) and it tasted pretty delicious for me, the outer layer had a perfect crispness level and the inner was soft, savory and flavorful. 

Bitter Ballen

Nasi Buketan (IDR 95k)
Nasi Buketan

Nasi Buketan is steamed aromatic pandan leaf rice served with diced omelet, beef skewer, galangal and tumeric fried chicken, potato and shrimp light curry, corn fritter, sweet soya been cake fritter, sweet potato chip, chili bilimbi fruit peanut sauce and shrimp crackers. I didn't get to try this one, but I was told it was delicious even though some ingredients were too sweet. I guess this will be a perfect choice if you prefer sweet main dish rather than savory one.

Nasi Buketan

Banana Panakoeken (IDR 42k)
Banana Panakoeken

The Banana Panakoeken is a pancake topped with banana, raisins and caramel sauce. The serving was quite huge and I reckon it can be shared for two people. The pancake itself tasted pretty delicious, it was not overly sweet and had a strong banana taste.

Banana Panakoeken

Es Bunga Rampai (IDR 41k)
Es Bunga Rampai

The Es Bunga Rampai appearance was really plain and unflattering, I can tell how plain it was just by looking at color of the ice. And I was right, the moment when I tasted it, it was really plain and tasteless. Honestly, I expected a nice and delicious dessert, especially when this one is one of the signature desserts in Bunga Rampai

Es Priyayi (IDR 49.5k)
Es Priyayi

The Es Priyayi consist of slices of kiwi, lychees, longan, jelly and mint leaves, it was dominated with sour taste, but it was still become a delicious and refreshing drink especially for a hot day.

Ice Tea Dahlia (IDR 49.5k)
Ice Tea Dahlia

The Ice Tea Dahlia is an ice tea served with various fruits such as apple, strawberries and orange. The sugar syrup was served separately, so you can adjust the level of sweetness according to your liking.

Cikiniku (IDR 45.5k)

Cikiniku was one of the signature drinks in Bunga Rampai, it was a combination of orange and other fruits. It was served in a tall glass and it was quite delicious. It was mostly dominated with sour taste, but it still managed to become a great and refreshing drink for a hot day.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Bunga Rampai, I have to say they have great place for dating or family dinner. The foods and drinks they served tasted pretty decent and the service was friendly and nice as well. I gotta admit that the price of the menu was quite high, but it is nice to have a lunch or dinner at great place once in a while, right?

Also, I would like to thank Ms. Daisy from Food Escape and Mr. Kato! I really had a great time chatting with both of you and I learned a lot of new things from you. I'm looking forward to our next meeting!

Bunga Rampai
Jl. Teuku Cik Ditiro No. 35, Menteng, Jakarta
(021) 31926224

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 23.00

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