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Last weekend, I was invited by Zomato to attend an event called "Zomato Foodie Meetup" at a coffee shop named Crematology Coffee Roasters in Senopati area, which is well-known as popular dining spot in South Jakarta. Crematology Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop owned by Mr. Elliot Davernas. The owner was there at that time and he was sharing his interesting story and journey until he decided to open coffee shop in Indonesia named Crematology Coffee Roasters. The coffee shop itself is a little bit hard to find, you have to pay full attention to see the signage of this coffee shop.

Coffee Cups

The interior itself is really intriguing and gives off cozy ambiance, it is mostly dominated with decorations that are made from wood. The place itself is not really big, I reckon they can accommodate up to 60 people. They have two kinds of dining area which is the indoor seating area and outdoor seating area. Thankfully, the event took place at the indoor seating area because I couldn't imagine if I have to sit at the outdoor seating area because it was freaking hot that day and I didn't see anyone dare to sit at the outdoor seating area.

Let's talk about their food!

Turkey Sandwich
Turkey Sandwich

The Turkey Sandwich was presented nicely on a wooden cutting board and served along with french fries and fresh garden salad. The turkey itself was really fresh and tasted pretty delicious and I love how they added super good melted cheese on the sandwich. The french fries was really awesome as well, it was crispy and perfectly seasoned, not to mention they are pretty generous in giving the fries!

Turkey Sandwich

Smoked Salmon Sandwich
Smoked Salmon Sandwich

The Smoked Salmon Sandwich was also nicely presented on a wooden cutting board. The salmon was juicy, fresh and tasted so delicious and it went really well with the melted cheese on the sandwich. Oh, and I was super happy to know that they served those super delicious french fries along with the Smoked Salmon Sandwich. (yay! more fries!)

Alfredo Pasta (IDR 84k)
Alfredo Pasta

Alfredo Pasta is pasta served with smoked beef, mushroom and topped with parmesan cheese and creamy sauce. The pasta was super creamy and rich in flavor. Overall, it was heavenly delicious, the smoked beef was generously given and tasted super delicious and the duet of parmesan cheese and creamy sauce did a great job in elevating the taste of this pasta.

Aglio Olio Pasta (IDR 80k)
Aglio Olio Pasta

Aglio Olio Pasta is pasta served with chopped chili, garlic, olive oil and topped with chicken katsu and parmesan cheese. Unexpectedly, this one was not really spicy, probably this one was the least spicy aglio olio pasta that I ever had. Nevertheless, the pasta was firm and the chicken katsu did a great job in adding crispy sensation to this pasta. Overall, it tasted pretty decent though it would be better if the chicken katsu was more tender.

Aglio Olio Pasta

Fudge Brownie (IDR 24k)
Fudge Brownie

The Fudge Brownie was served along with whipped cream and it tasted pretty decent. The brownie was served warmly and it was not really sweet, but still had a strong chocolate flavor. I also thought that the whipped cream made a good combination with the brownie!

Buttermilk Waffles with Homemade Mixed Berry Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream (IDR 64k)
Buttermilk Waffles with Homemade Mixed Berry Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream

(Okay, that was a long name...)

The waffle is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and mixed berry compote. I love how they made the waffle to have a perfect level of crispness yet still managed to maintain its soft texture, the vanilla ice cream drenched with mixed berry compote was also super delicious, it had a perfect combination of sweet and sour flavor. This one is definitely one of the most delicious desserts that I ever had! You really have to try this menu if you go to Crematology Coffee Roasters. Oh, and the picture was half-portion of the real one which was made for food tasting event, so the original one is larger than this!

Buttermilk Waffles with Homemade Mixed Berry Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream

Frappe from left: Chocolate, Green Tea, Oreo, Nutella

Chocolate Frappe (Regular) (IDR 44k)
The Chocolate Frappe is topped with chocolate powder and the taste was a little bit bland, watery and had a weak chocolate flavor. I guess it would be better if they added more chocolate to elevate the chocolate flavor.

Green Tea Frappe (Regular) (IDR 44k)
The Green Tea Frappe was super delicious and refreshing. I love how the green tea flavor was really strong and it had a perfect level of sweetness.

Oreo Frappe (Regular) (IDR 44k)
The Oreo Frappe is topped with oreo crumbs and tasted pretty decent for me, though I wished they added more oreo to this frappe to highlight the oreo taste.

Nutella Frappe (Regular) (IDR 44k)
The Nutella Frappe is made from nutella and tasted pretty delicious although it was a little bit too sweet.


Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Crematology Coffee Roasters, the foods and beverages they served tasted pretty delicious, the service was friendly, and the place was nice and cozy. I would love to come back to Crematology Coffee Roasters especially for the super delicious Buttermilk Waffles with Homemade Mixed Berry Compote & Vanilla Ice Cream!

I would like to say thank you to Zomato for the fun and interesting event and I'm looking forward to the next event!

Last but not least, many thanks to Mr. Elliot Davernas as the owner of Crematology Coffee Roasters for having me!

Crematology Coffee Roasters
Jl. Suryo No. 25, Senopati, Jakarta
(021) 72780012

Opening Hours:
Mon - Fri : 07.30 - 24.00
Sat - Sun  : 09.00 - 24.00

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