Hans & Belle (Puri Indah Mall, Jakarta)


(Do you like teddy bear?)

If yes, then you really have to visit this uber cute cafe which is located at Puri Indah Mall, Hans & Belle. You will find a lot of cute stuffs and teddy bears here, there are some sitting on the chair, some hanging on the ceiling and some are trapped on the display. I went to Puri Indah Mall with my family to find a nice place to hangout that day and because we already had our dinner before, we decided to pay a visit to this cafe only to try their desserts and beverages (at first), but we ended up ordering some side dishes. (I just can't stop eating recently!) The cafe itself is not really hard to find, especially with those bright signage and cute interior, it is located near the food court area at Puri Indah Mall.

Cake Display

The cafe itself is quite big, I reckon they can accommodate up to 50 people, the seating are mainly divided as seating for 2 people, 4 people and 6 people. The decoration is mostly filled with teddy bears and other cute stuffs such as mini-train, I couldn't stop taking pictures of the decoration because it was so intriguing and cute. If I'm not mistaken, every table had one teddy bear which will accompany you while you were here, I got a cute brown-colored teddy bear on my table. It was quite crowded at that time, we have to wait for several minutes before we got seated. 

Let's talk about their foods!

French Fries (IDR 18k)
French Fries

Unfortunately, some menus were out of stock that day, so we only got a limited choices of menu and we ended up ordering French Fries. Thankfully, their french fries was not disappointing at all, the fries was nicely seasoned, had a perfect level of crispness and not oily at all. Even my parents acknowledged that their french fries was delicious. (woo-hoo!)

French Fries

Chicken Wings (IDR 27k)
Chicken Wings

The Chicken Wings was unique as you can see in the picture above. The chicken wings were fried and wrapped with flour so it looked like fried tofu. (I initially thought that it was fried tofu because of its appearance) The chicken wings were topped with super delicious BBQ sauce and I love how it had crispy sensation on the outer layer thanks to their creative idea to fry the chicken wings. The chicken meat was tender, juicy and delicious, though I would be very grateful if they gave more BBQ sauce to accompany this chicken wings!

Mango Tango (S) (IDR 25k)
Mango Tango

Mango Tango was a mango-based cake topped with mango popping bobas and it was heavenly delicious! The cake was soft and had a perfect level of sweetness and I love the idea to put the popping bobas on the top of this cake!

Mango Tango

Guilty as Charged (S) (IDR 28k)
Guilty as Charged

First, I really love the name of this cake, 'Guilty as Charged', (lol!) it is basically a chocolate pie filled with chocolate cream. I love how the cake was not overly sweet, but still had a strong chocolate flavor, the crust was also perfectly crispy and it went well with the soft and gooey chocolate cream. It was indeed a perfect dessert for chocolate-lovers like me!

French Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow (IDR 35k)
French Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow

(Did you know that a cup of hot chocolate before bedtime could give many benefits for your health?)

Another perfect drink for chocolate-lovers, the French Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow was simply awesome. The hot chocolate itself was not really sweet and had a strong chocolate flavor and I love how the gooey marshmallow added up some sweetness to this drink. I felt like I could have a good sleep if I drink this every night!

French Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow

Lychee It-s (IDR 22k)
Lychee It-s

(See the cute brown-colored teddy bear? He was the teddy bear that 'assigned' to accompany me that day!)

Lychee It-s is a lychee-flavored soda, and it tasted pretty delicious and refreshing. Nothing much to say about this drink, It was not outstanding, but it was not bad as well.

Hans Secret Garden (IDR 28k)
Hans Secret Garden

Hans Secret Garden is a healthy drink which was ordered by my parents. It was a juice that are made of green vegetables. Unexpectedly, the juice was super duper freaking delicious, I never thought vegetables could be this delicious. (I'm not really into vegetables usually) I could barely taste pineapple flavor from this drink, I guess they used some fruits in the mixture to neutralize the taste of vegetables.

Teddy Bear

Overall, it was a very nice visit to Hans & Belle, the food and beverages they served here were delicious and unique, the service was super friendly and quick, (the waiter was patiently explaining the menu to us) and the place was uber cute and nice. I have to say the price was really affordable as well, especially the cake! I will definitely come back to Hans & Belle to try other cakes they served and hopefully it won't run out of stock on my next visit!

Hans & Belle
Puri Indah Mall, Lantai 2, Jl. Puri Indah Raya, Puri Indah, Jakarta
(021) 58354426

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10:00 - 22:00

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  1. yaaa ampunnn abru tau ada iniii :D thank you for sharing

    bulan depan wajib main ke puri indah nihh

    btw kalo dilihat-lihat interiornya somehow agak-agak mirip sama Mr. JOnes Orphanage di Siam Discovery - Bangkok yahh :D

    1. Hi Meidiana, you're welcome!

      I've never been to Mr. Jones Orphanage, but judging from the pictures, the interior does look really similar! :D



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