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Emporium Pluit Mall is currently having tenant transition, there are various of new restaurants opening their outlet here substituting the old restaurant who decided to close their outlet. Coincidentally, I was craving for noodle that day and I was contemplating a lot whether to try Menya Sakura Ramen or Torico (both are new restaurants at Emporium Pluit Mall), but finally I decided to try Torico as they claim that Japanese Noodle and Rice are their specialties. The restaurant itself is not really hard to find, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this restaurant.


I just found out that Torico has other outlets at Mall Ciputra and fX Sudirman, so I reckon the one at Emporium was their third outlet. The restaurant itself has two kinds of dining area, the first is located inside the restaurant and another one located right in front of the restaurant, I reckon they can accommodate 60-80 people. The interior is modern, simple and I didn't see any hints of Japanese decoration inside the restaurant. It was not really crowded that day and I got a seat near the window when the sun has almost set. (yay! dinner with beautiful scenery!)

Let's get started with their food!

Chicken Teriyaki Dry Ramen (IDR 23k)
Chicken Teriyaki Dry Ramen

Chicken Teriyaki Dry Ramen is basically ramen without broth and topped with chicken teriyaki, mushrooms, scallions and shredded carrots. The chicken teriyaki was nicely seasoned and crispy in a good way, but the noodle was a bit too mushy for my liking. Overall, it tasted pretty decent and it's like an upgraded level of the so-called "mie ayam" (chicken noodle)

Chicken Teriyaki Dry Ramen
Chicken Teriyaki Dry Ramen

Torico Ramen (IDR 26k)
Torico Ramen

(Pardon for the blue-colored reflection on the broth!)

The Torico Ramen is a ramen served with chicken, corn, carrot, and scallions. (you can choose the flavor of the broth and I chose spicy one) The taste was just mediocre, the broth was too watery and bland for my liking and the noodle was too mushy. The chicken was generously given, though I wished it was more tender and flavorful. 

Torico Ramen
Torico Ramen

Salmon Enoki Roll (IDR 30k)
Salmon Enoki Roll

Actually, I ordered this because I saw those super sexy crispy things inside the sushi in the picture on the menu and as expected, it tasted pretty delicious. The topping consists of salmon and fried enoki. Unfortunately, the rice was a little bit hard and dry, so the sushi can be broken easily. The crispiness of the fried enoki was perfect and I love how the salmon had a minimal amount of fishy smell. Well, any kinds of food with fried things just can't go wrong, don't you think so? (at least for me!)

Salmon Enoki Roll
Salmon Enoki Roll

Ice Lemon Tea (Left), Ice Green Tea (Right)

Ice Lemon Tea (IDR 9k)
The Ice Lemon Tea tasted a little bit sour and had a strong hint of lemon flavor. Overall, it tasted pretty delicious and refreshing.

Ice Green Tea (IDR 8.5k)
The Ice Green Tea was too watery, I barely could taste the green tea flavor. But, the good things is, this drink is refillable.


Overall, I quite enjoyed my visit to Torico, the food they served tasted pretty decent and the price was pretty affordable. I have to say that their ramen was definitely not the best ramen that I ever had because it was more like Indonesian noodle. Well, I know that their competitive advantage is the affordable price, but I believe if the dishes was equally delicious, they will be successful in attracting many more customers.

Emporium Pluit Mall, Lantai 4, Jl. Pluit Selatan Raya, Penjaringan, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 21.00

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