Fish & Co. (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)


Say hello to Fish & Co., one of the best restaurants in serving fish and chips. I bet many of you have tried or at least heard about this restaurant and their legendary fish and chips. They already established around 15 outlets in Indonesia, specifically in Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar. I went to one of their outlets located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, the place is literally easy to find, it is located near the super famous Sumoboo and they got a huge signage as well, so no worries!


The restaurant is quite big and I reckon they can accommodate up to 60 people. The interior is mostly filled with wooden material and vintage-looking things. The dim lighting inside the restaurant also gives off cozy ambiance.  It was super crowded that day as you can see on the exterior picture above, I had to wait for almost 30 minutes before I got seated. 

Let's get started with their fish & chips!

The Best Fish & Chips in Town (IDR 89k)
The Best Fish & Chips in Town 

Usually, I'm not so into seafood because I dislike fishy smell of seafood, but this one is an exception, because the fish is not smelly at all. The fish had a soft and smooth texture inside wrapped with super crunchy layer and topped with melted cheese. The french fries was also super delicious as well, it had a perfect level of crispness and lightly seasoned. Though I felt the one that they served that day was a bit greasy, it was still delicious as expected!

The Best Fish & Chips in Town 
The Best Fish & Chips in Town 
The Best Fish & Chips in Town 

Ice Chocolate (IDR 28k)
Ice Chocolate

The Ice Chocolate was literally not sweet at all and had a mild taste of chocolate. Still, I think I would like it more if it was a little bit sweeter and had a stronger chocolate flavor!

Blackcurrant Tea (IDR 28k)
Blackcurrant Tea

Blackcurrant Tea is one of my favorite drinks since I was child, I always love the scent of blackcurrant and it blends really well with tea. The one they served here tasted pretty decent as well, though the blackcurrant smell was not strong enough for me!


Overall, I enjoyed my visit to Fish & Co., the fish and chips they served tasted super delicious as expected, the service was great and I personally love the ambiance of their outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk. I know that I will definitely come back to Fish & Co. again someday, because I keep coming back here since the first time I tried their fish and chips, I was literally hooked!

Fish & Co.
Ruko Crown Golf, Blok D No. 25-27, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta
(021) 29424870

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 08.00 - 24.00

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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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