Marugame Udon (Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Jakarta)


Please welcome the 8th outlet of Marugame Udon at Grand Indonesia Shopping Town! This restaurant has always been crowded since they established their first outlet which is located at Mall Taman Anggrek. Now, they have outlet in one of the biggest and most crowded mall in Jakarta, I could predict that this place will be super crowded as well. The restaurant is strategically located at near the escalator, so I bet you will easily find this place.

Tempura Display
Tempura Display
Condiments Stand

The restaurant is quite big and I reckon they can accommodate up to 100 people. The decoration is so Japanese, similar like their other outlets. One thing that I love from Marugame Udon is their condiments stand, you can customize the condiments for your own udon, I personally like to add huge amounts of tempura flakes to my udon. (you know that I love crispy things, right?)

Let's move on to the food!

Beef Curry Udon (IDR 50k) + Tori (12k) + Kakiage (10k) + Skewered Tofu Roll (12k)
Beef Curry Udon Set

I decided to have Beef Curry Udon with three kinds of tempura for my dinner that day. (of course with extra tempura flakes!) The portion was literally huge, so I bet one portion is more than enough to fill one person or even two people stomach! The curry flavor was super strong and they were pretty generous in giving huge amount of beef. Overall, it tasted super delicious!

Beef Curry Udon
Beef Curry Udon

As I mentioned before, I ordered three kinds of tempura to accompany my Beef Curry Udon.


The first tempura is Kakiage, it is tempura made from mixed vegetables such as carrot and onion. It tasted pretty delicious even for me who is not a big fan of vegetables. The second tempura is Tori, it is a fried chicken and it tasted super delicious, the chicken was cooked to perfection. The third tempura is Skewered Tofu Roll and it has always been my favorite tempura, I personally had crush on fried tofu roll!

Skewered Tofu Roll

Beef Curry Rice (IDR 50k)
Beef Curry Rice

This one is similar like Beef Curry Udon, the only difference is this one is served with rice instead of udon. It tasted super delicious as well, though I personally prefer to have the beef curry with udon instead of rice

Beef Curry Rice

Mentai Kamatama (IDR 50k)
Mentai Kamatama

Mentai Kamatama is udon topped with tobiko (flying fish roe), nori, and super sexy soft boiled egg. The correct way to eat this dish is you have to mix and stir everything before to get a perfect Mentai Kamatama. The taste is pretty unique, but delicious as expected!

Mentai Kamatama

Niku Udon (IDR 45k)
Niku Udon

Niku Udon is udon topped with generous amount of beef and it will be a perfect choice for those who would like to taste their delicious beef meat with lighter broth.

Niku Udon

Tori Baitang Udon (IDR 45k)
Tori Baitang Udon

Tori Baitang Udon is udon topped with chicken meatballs. The broth was quite different from other udon they served, it was thicker and creamier. I didn't get to try this one but I was told that it's delicious!

Tori Baitang

Overall, I really enjoyed my visit to Marugame Udon, the udon they served tasted delicious as expected, the service was good and the place was good as well. Oh and I have good news for you who live in Bali because Marugame Udon will open their first outlet in Bali soon! 

Thanks for having me Marugame Udon!

Marugame Udon
Grand Indonesia Mall, Lantai 3A, West Mall, Jl. MH Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00

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