Fat Straw (Kelapa Gading, Jakarta)

by 8:33:00 AM

(Hello Saturday!)

Finally, it's Saturday and it's my time to write new post! It's really busy at work these days and I really don't have any time to write during weekdays, so I tried to write a new post every weekend. Today, I would like to talk about the cafe that serves original honey boba called Fat Straw located in North Jakarta, specifically at Kelapa Gading. The place itself is quite hard to find because it is located quite far from other restaurants, but you can rely on map that I have attached at the end of this post!

Shirayuki (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

by 8:44:00 PM

Please welcome the new Japanese dessert shop located at North Jakarta, specifically at Pantai Indah Kapuk, Shirayuki! Apparently, Shirayuki is a re-branding of Kabocha, a Japanese restaurant which served pasta and dessert. They come with new image which provide a lot of cute and "instagenic" Japanese dessert. The place is not really hard to find, it is located near PIK Fresh Market and accross Tzu Chi School, I bet you will recognize it with the help of the crowd, especially if you come on weekend. (I suggest you to come earlier to prevent long queue!)

Tredici Ristorante (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 7:57:00 PM
Tredici Ristorante


The word means "Let's Eat" in Italian, and I have a reason why I use that word as the opening for this review. Introducing Tredici Ristorante, an Italian restaurant located at Senopati. I am quite fond of Italian food and I decided to give Tredici Ristorante a try. The restaurant is not really hard to be found, it is located not far from Crematology Coffee Roasters, but on the opposite side. I'm sure you will easily find this restaurant if you follow the direction on the map. (you can find it at the end of this post!)

Pancious (Central Park, Jakarta)

by 7:51:00 PM

(I know it's a little bit late, but Happy Halloween!)

I got invited by Pancious to try their new menu on Halloween day, their new menu will be available to public starting from 10 November 2014. Apparently, Pancious has decided to renew the concept of their restaurant with "Marketplace" concept. I personally love their new concept, the restaurant just seem cozier for me. Oh, and because the event is held on Halloween Day, there were a lot of Halloween decorations on our table that day which you can find on the picture below. (check it out!)

Mokka Coffee Cabana (Pluit Village, Jakarta)

by 6:20:00 PM
Mokka Coffee Cabana

(Say Hello to Mokka!)

Recently, I found one coffee shop that definitely grabbed my heart and made it to my favorite coffee shop list. (I'll tell you the reason later on, so keep reading!) Introducing Mokka Coffee Cabana, a coffee shop located in North Jakarta, specifically at Pluit Village. The coffee shop was a little bit hard to find, considering it is located near the corner, but just follow the direction or ask the information center inside the mall, and you will arrive at Mokka Coffee Cabana without any problem.

betterchocolatethannever (Senopati, Jakarta)

by 8:16:00 PM

(Raise your hand if you love chocolate!)

*raising hand* I really really love chocolate, especially chocolate cake, chocolate milk, chocolate drink and other chocolate-based food. Me and fellow blogger friends decided to visit this dessert shop which specialized in serving chocolate dessert named betterchocolatethannever. (that's quite a long name) The place is not really hard to find, located across Collete & Lola, I bet you won't have any difficulties in finding this place!

The Twenty8 (SCBD, Jakarta)

by 12:05:00 PM
The Twenty8

(Hello weekend!)

Say hi to new revamped restaurant in SCBD area, The Twenty8! (this place was formerly known as Pad @ 28) I got invited along with fellow blogger friends to try their newly launched brunch menu. The restaurant is not really hard to find, it is located near the borderline of SCBD and they have quite good amount of parking area.

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