Cranky Crab (Kelapa Gading, Jakarta)


Introducing a restaurant specialized in serving guilty pleasure (read: crab) for most people, Cranky Crab. Despite being famous for its high cholesterol, many people love crab so much. For me, even though I'm not a huge fan of seafood, I love the fact that crab does not have strong fishy smell compared to other seafood such as clams or particular fishes. The restaurant is located in Kelapa Gading area and it is not really hard to find, it is located in the same building as Samudera Rasa and Happy Puppy.


The restaurant is big and quite spacious, I reckon they can accommodate up to 80 people. The restaurant has two kinds of dining area, the regular dining area and Cranky Bar as you can see in the picture above. Apparently, they just launched the Cranky Bar earlier last month and it is addressed to attract young people to hangout with their friends there. I personally like the design of Cranky Bar and I bet it will look even better at night!

Let's get started with their food!

Mix Bag 1 with Asian Addict Seasoning (IDR 110k)
Mix Bag 1 - with Crayfish

Mix Bag 1 consists of shrimp, crayfish, mussels, clams, corn, sausage and potato with Asian Addict Seasoning (you can also choose other seasoning such as Lemon Pepper Junkie and Garlic Madness) and drenched with Garlic Madness sauce. All ingredients were fresh and nicely cooked and I personally love this sauce, it had a balanced level of sweetness, saltiness and spiciness. 

Kudu Kudu Fish (IDR 18.9k/Ounce)
Kudu Kudu Fish

This one is literally battered Kudu Kudu Fish in popcorn bites, I never tasted this kind of fish before and I found this one had quite strong amount of fishy smell. The good things are, the battered fish was not oily and greasy at all and the sauce did a great job in soothing the fishy smell and elevating the taste of whole dish.

Medium-sized Mud Crab (IDR 220k)
Mud Crab (Angsio Sauce)

Apparently, they use original mud crab from Papua and it comes in three different size, the medium one, large one or giant one. There are also various selection of sauces such as Kepiting Asap, Angsio, Saus Tiram, Black Pepper and Saus Padang. The crab was super delicious as expected, the crab meat was soft, tender and flavorful and it went really well with Angsio sauce.

Mud Crab (Angsio Sauce)
Mud Crab (Black Pepper Sauce)

Cranky Fries (IDR 35k)
Cranky Fries

Cranky Fries consists of fishnet fries and calamari drenched with special sauce. I super duper love this menu especially the fishnet fries! The fries had a perfect level of crispness and it was flavorful and rich. The calamaris tasted pretty delicious and it went really well with the sauce. I felt like I could finish three portions of their fishnet fries at once!

Flying Beer (IDR 39.5k)
Flying Beer

The Flying Beer come with three variants of flavor which are Citrus Mojito, Tropic Thunder and Green Fairy. I personally had crush on the Citrus Mojito flavor, the sourness just went really well with the beer. Well, who could resist combination of crab and beer?

Overall, I had a great visit to Cranky Crab, their food tasted pretty delicious, the ambiance and decoration was awesome and the service was good. Kudos for their innovation in creating unique and intriguing menu such as Flying Beer. I believe they already have everything to survive in these days competition such as great food, great ambiance, and good service.

Thanks for having me and I wish best of luck for Cranky Crab!

Cranky Crab
Jl. Boulevard Raya QF 1 No. 1, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta
(021) 45843837

Opening Hours:
Mon - Thu : 11.00 - 22.00
Fri - Sun : 11.00  -23.00

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*Cranky Crab is located in the same building as Samudera Rasa*

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