Dancing Crab (Lotte Shopping Avenue, Jakarta)

Cold Seafood Platter

Say hello to the newest restaurant from Tunglok Group in Jakarta, Dancing Crab! The restaurant aims to serve a mix of robust, country-style Cajun seafood and the distinctive richness of Creole cuisine. Dancing Crab took the place of its sister restaurant, MAD (Modern Asian Diner) which is located just beside XXI in Lotte Shopping Avenue, I bet it will be super easy to find this restaurant especially if you often go to this shopping mall.

VIP Room

The restaurant is really spacious and huge, I reckon they can accommodate up to 200 people. I bet this will be a great place for office gathering. They also have super eye-catching VIP room as you can see in the picture above. (I bet girls will love it, lol!) The interior and decoration is simple and minimalist which is good. Similar like other Lousiana-style seafood restaurant, you have to get ready to eat with your bare hand!

Let's get started with their food!

Combo Bag with Crab (IDR 628k)
Combo Bag
Combo Bag

Combo Bag with Crab consists of one crab, 250g prawns, 250g clams, 250g mussels, potatoes, corns and sausages. There are four selection of sauces which are Dancing Crab Signature, Herb Butter, Beurre Blanc and Zesty Garlic Butter. I tried their Dancing Crab Signature and Beurre Blanc sauce and overall it tasted pretty decent as the seafood were fresh and the sauce was good. I know this might be a little weird, but I super love the corn out of all it! (lol!)

Combo Bag
Combo Bag

Spicy Cajun Fries (IDR 55k)
Spicy Cajun Fries

(Potatoes just can't go wrong for me!)

The Spicy Cajun Fries is french fries coated with spicy cajun seasoning which was not really spicy. The french fries had a good level of crispness and the cajun seasoning was great. It might be not the best fries that I have ever had, but this one tasted pretty good!

Lobster Roll (IDR 240k)
Lobster Roll

Lobster Roll is basically lobster meat stuffed in a bun and served along with french fries and tartar sauce. As you probably know that I'm not so into seafood, I have to say that this one tasted pretty decent as it had that fresh taste from the lobster. The tartar sauce also did a great job in elevating the taste of the lobster.

Cold Seafood Platter (IDR 737k)
Cold Seafood Platter

Cold Seafood Platter consists of 250g Alaskan King Crab, 4 oysters, 250g prawns and 250g mussels served with ice cubes and lemon. I didn't get to try this one but I have to say that the freshness of their ingredient used for this platter could clearly be seen!

Garlic Noodles (IDR 45k)
Garlic Noodles

(Garlic lovers, you will love this one!)

I was told that this one is one of their specialties and (gosh!) it is true because it was heavenly delicious and totally suits my palate. The garlic flavor and aroma was strong enough which is nice and the thin-shaped noodle was chewy, flavorful and a little bit salty. I don't mind if they put more noodle to this dish because it was quite small and I might be able to finish 2 bowls of this garlic noodles! (yes, it was that good!)

Garlic Noodles

Overall, I quite enjoyed my visit to Dancing Crab, the food they served tasted pretty decent, the service was great and the place was nice. I bet most of you will think that the price tag is a little bit expensive and I do agree with that, it is definitely not a kind of restaurant that you will go and dine everyday. The good thing is they have bunch of delicious side dish with friendlier price tag such as garlic noodles.  Last but not least, thanks for having me and best of luck for Dancing Crab!

Update as of January 2016
They have moved to their new place at Gunawarman street, check the full review here!

Dancing Crab
Ciputra World, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Lantai 4, Jl. Prof Dr Satrio, Karet, Jakarta
(021) 29889499

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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