Bariuma Ramen (Citywalk Sudirman, Jakarta)

Bariuma Ramen

Please welcome the newest addition of ramen restaurant(s) in Jakarta, Bariuma Ramen! Having established several outlet(s) in Singapore and Malaysia following their success in Japan, Bariuma Ramen has finally spread their wings to Indonesia with the opening of its first outlet at Citywalk Sudirman. The F&B scene in Jakarta is really crazy lately as I saw a lot of new restaurants opening their outlet every week and some of them are even originated from another country like this one. (it's a good thing though, or no?)

A little spoiler for you, introducing the sexy char siu!

The restaurant is not really big and spacey and I reckon they can accommodate up to 60 people. The decoration is filled with various elements that gives off Japanese ambiance such as those several hiragana and katakana writings on the wall. It was quite hot during my visit because I was there during their pre-opening event and it was super crowded. Even so, I love how they decorate the restaurant in simple way, totally looks like a great place to have a good lunch or dinner!

Let's get started with their food, shall we?

Chicken Karaage (IDR 35k/4pcs or IDR 68k/8pcs)
Chicken Karaage

The Chicken Karaage is a must-order food every time I go to ramen restaurant. Their chicken karaage was unexpectedly huge, it tasted pretty delicious as it was nicely battered, tender, juicy and flavorful although I find it was a little bit too oily. Here are some tips from me, dip the chicken karaage to the ramen broth and you will get moist yet flavorful chicken karaage, it is best to be eaten with the ramen. (try it yourself guys!)

Chicken Gyoza (IDR 35k/5pcs or IDR 68k/10pcs)
Chicken Gyoza

Chicken Gyoza is basically pan-fried minced chicken meat wrapped in gyoza skin. This one was pretty unique as there were those crispy thin layer surrounding the gyoza. It tasted pretty delicious as it had great combination of crisp outer layer and super juicy and moist minced meat on the inside!

Yakitori-Tori-Combo (IDR 39k/5 skewers)

Yakitori-Tori-Combo consists of grilled chicken thigh and breast drenched with teriyaki sauce. This one tasted surprisingly delicious as well, the chicken thigh and breast was tender and flavorful, it also had those nice smoky aroma as well!

Ishiyaki Chaofan Chashu (IDR 45k)
Ishiyaki Chaofan Chashu

Ishiyaki Chaofan Chasu is basically rice topped with shredded char siu, corn, scallions served in hot stone bowl. It tasted amazing as the shredded char siu was really soft and it melted in my mouth as soon as I ate them.

Ajitama-Uma Ramen (IDR 68k)
Ajitama-Uma Ramen

Ajitama-Uma Ramen is ramen served in thick tonkotsu broth served along with char siu, scallion, bamboo shoot and soft-boiled egg. It tasted heavenly delicious! The texture of their ramen was quite thin and springy which was great. The char siu was perfect as it was very tender, flavorful and as I said before, it will melt in your mouth at the moment you eat those char siu. The soft-boiled egg was also perfect and it managed to add the amazingness of this food!

Ajitama-Uma Ramen

Kara-Uma Ramen (IDR 68k)
Kara-Uma Ramen

Kara-Uma Ramen is ramen served with spicy thick tonkotsu broth served along with char siu, scallion, bamboo shoot and chili. If you prefer spicy food, then this will be a perfect choice for you as the broth had a strong spicy flavor. It tasted pretty delicious although I personally think this one would be amazing with the addition of soft-boiled egg!

Kara-Uma Ramen

Overall, I had a great and amazing lunch at Bariuma Ramen, the food they served tasted pretty delicious, the service was great and the place is nice. I believe they will be a strong contender for other ramen restaurant(s) in Jakarta with their amazing char siu. I found myself addicted to their char siu and I will definitely come back for more. Thanks for having me and I wish tons of luck for Bariuma Ramen!

Bariuma Ramen 
Citywalk Sudirman, Lantai 1, Jl. KH Mas Mansyur, Sudirman, Jakarta
(021) 29704018

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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