Kazan Ramen (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

Matcha Shiratama with Ice Cream

Kazan Ramen is one of the new ramen restaurant located at Pantai Indah Kapuk. Apparently, Kazan Ramen already established several outlet(s) in Singapore and Bangkok, and they started to expand their business to Indonesia starting at their first outlet at Lotte Shopping Avenue, and their new outlet at Pantai Indah Kapuk. The restaurant is located near the soon-to-be-opened PIK mall, (I couldn't even imagine the traffic when this mall finally opened later this year!) it won't be hard to find this restaurant thanks to its huge dazzling red signage.

Interior (1st Floor)
Interior (2nd Floor)

The restaurant itself is quite small and not really spacious, I reckon they can accommodate up to 70 people. The first floor looks a bit cramped because of the open kitchen while the second floor looks more spacious. (and cooler!) The restaurant is decorated with bunch of things that managed to gives off Japanese restaurant ambiance. They even decorate the ceiling with some traditional Japanese umbrella. (unique!)

Let's get started with their food!

Karamiso Ramen - Pork (IDR 49.8k)
Karamiso Ramen - Pork

Basically, they have three selection of flavors for the broth which are shio (salt), shoyu (soy sauce) and karamiso (spicy fermented bean paste) and you can choose whether you want your ramen to be served with pork broth and pork meat or chicken broth and chicken meat. The Karamiso Ramen tasted pretty decent, the pork meat was super tender and the broth was quite good although I would love it more if it was served with half-boiled egg rather than hard boiled egg.

Karamiso Ramen - Pork

Shio Ramen - Chicken (IDR 49.8k)
Shio Ramen - Chicken

I chose this one to be served with chicken broth and chicken meat and I was quite flabbergasted when I saw those huge chicken leg. The chicken leg was soft, tender and flavorful while the broth was lighter than the pork one. I don't know why, but I found myself liking ramen with pork broth more than chicken broth because the pork broth was way more flavorful than the chicken one. (sorry chicken!)

Shio Ramen - Chicken

Pork Yaki Gyoza (IDR 29.8k)
Pork Yaki Gyoza

Pork Yaki Gyoza was filled with minced pork meat and it tasted super delicious as the minced pork meat was super tender and flavorful. The gyoza skin was slightly burned which was perfect because it managed to add some crispy sensation to the gyoza!

Hot Stone Curry Rice with Beef (IDR 49.8k)
Hot Stone Curry Rice with Beef

Hot Stone Curry Rice with Beef is curry rice served with beef slices, scallion, chopped tomato and served in a hot stone as the plate. The curry flavor was quite light and I found there were only few beef slices given. I predict this will taste even better if only the curry flavor was stronger and there were more beef slices (lol!)

Chicken Kazan Karamiso (IDR 79.8k)
Chicken Kazan Karamiso

Chicken Kazan Karamiso is ramen served with huge chicken leg, scallion, corn, vegetables in a hot stone bowl. It was served without broth but don't be shocked because this one is not cooked yet. The waiter will pour the broth and let the ramen cooked for one minute. Then, you can enjoy the ramen in those hot stone bowl. (just be careful because the stone bowl is super hot) The ramen was thicker compared to the regular ramen and I wish they did not put those huge amount of vegetables since it was kinda overpowering the whole dishes.

Chicken Kazan Karamiso

Kazan Shio - Pork (IDR 79.8k)
Kazan Shio - Pork

Kazan Shio is ramen served with tender pork slices, scallion, vegetables in a hot stone bowl. The cooking method is similar like Chicken Kazan Karamiso, you don't have to worry since the waiter will help you to pour the broth and cook it for you. This one tasted pretty decent as the pork broth was flavorful as expected and I love those super tender pork slices! 

Kazan Shio - Pork

Matcha Shiratama with Ice Cream (IDR 59.8k)
Matcha Shiratama with Ice Cream

(This is it!)

Let me introduce you my personal favorite menu at Kazan Ramen, Matcha Shiratama with Ice Cream! It is basically matcha-flavored snow ice served with red bean and mochi in a cold stone plate. The presentation was pretty and intriguing since they use dry ice to add those smoky effects (I guess smoky dessert is trend nowadays!) The serving was quite big as well and I reckon it will be enough for 4-5 people. It tasted pretty delicious, it was not really sweet although I would love it more if they were being more generous with the filling.

Overall, I had a good lunch at Kazan Ramen, the food they served tasted pretty decent, the service was great and the place is good. One thing to be noted is their great service, all of the waiter were wearing Japanese-style uniform and all of them were super friendly and had extensive knowledge about their menu. They were pretty quick and fast in handling customer demand as well. The food was okay and I believe they still could improve their food to attract more customers!

Thanks for having me and I wish best of luck for Kazan Ramen!

Kazan Ramen
Ruko Cordoba, Blok A, Bukit Golf Mediterania, Jl. Marina Indah Raya, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 23.00


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*Since I couldn't find their restaurant on the map, I've put map for another place which is nearby the restaurant*

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  1. We went to kazen ramen in pik on July 28, 2015. Ordered chicken shoyu ramen only to find out that the chicken was not fresh. Smelled like rotten meat. After complaining to the waiter and wanted to talk to manager, only to be told that the manager is out of town. How can you manage a place like this without a person in charge? We will NOT go back again. Two thumbs down.


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