Bakmi Aloi (Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta)

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Bakmi Aloi

Sometimes, I got a question from my friend asking whether I ever eat in a "non-fancy" restaurant or street food. It's quite absurd when I heard those kind of questions because the answer is quite obvious. (well, who doesn't love cheap and delicious food unless you are a prince or princess, right?) I guess it can't be helped since I realized that I haven't written any post about humble eatery or street food. 

As for today, I'm going to share about Bakmi Aloi, a humble eatery that specialized in serving noodle. "Bakmi" or noodle is a kind of comfort food that is loved by many people and it can be eaten as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Bakmi Aloi already established several outlet(s) and I've got to tell you that their noodle is awesome! By the time I write this post, I believe I have eaten more than 50 bowls of their noodles. (not in one day, that's for sure!)

Seafood Arjuna (Kebon Jeruk, Jakarta)

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Seafood Arjuna is one of seafood restaurants that served decent seafood located in Kebon Jeruk area. The area is definitely not an "it-place" considering there are not many restaurants in the neighborhood. As you might know, I am not a big fan of seafood, but that doesn't mean I couldn't eat seafood at all. I could eat it as long as it does not have those annoying strong fishy smell (yes, I don't like seafood because of the smell) In fact, I am a big fan of deep-fried calamari and tempura as long as it's not overflowing with strong fishy smell.

As for the restaurant itself, it might be a little bit tricky to get here especially if you don't often travel to West Jakarta. You might want to get a help from the map I have provided at the end of this post, it is located not far from there.

Mujigae (Pluit Village, Jakarta)

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Mujigae, a bibimbab and casual Korean food restaurant has finally opened another outlet at Pluit Village Mall. (formerly known as Mega Mall) Oh and have I mentioned before that Pluit Village is my favorite mall in Jakarta? I have tons of memories because I used to go here like every week during my childhood, and not to mention the location is near from where I live. Another good thing is this mall is not usually packed and crowded like other mall(s) in Jakarta because I am not a type of person who would enjoy spending 20-30 minutes to find parking space. (if you know what I mean)

That's why, I got pretty excited every time I know there is a new restaurant here. The restaurant is not really hard to find though, it is located exactly across Wendy's and Carrefour.

[New Menu] Pancious (Pacific Place, Jakarta)

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Introducing #PanciousNuOvoMenu, a set of new menu by Pancious which will be available for public starting from May 4th, 2015. It has been 8 months since they launched their previous set of new menu and I'm glad to know that they keep innovating and launching more menu. This time, the event took place in Pancious outlet at Pacific Place mall. I didn't take any pictures of the interior because it was so crowded at that time, but I could say that the interior is similar like other Pancious outlet(s) with more natural lighting which was great!

Ramen Orenchi (Mangga Besar, Jakarta)

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Ramen Orenchi

(Welcome May!)

Ramen Orenchi is a restaurant that served authentic Japanese Ramen located at Mangga Besar, one of the most well-known places to have night snack. (did you know that the famous Bakso Akiaw and Kwetiaw Akang located in this neighborhood?) The chef is a Japanese who own several restaurants in Japan, so you can expect to have authentic Japanese food here.

The place is a bit hard to find, here are some tips, if you come from Hayam Wuruk street, turn left to Mangga Besar Raya street and it is located at the left side. For more detailed information, you can check the map at the end of this post!

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