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Mujigae, a bibimbab and casual Korean food restaurant has finally opened another outlet at Pluit Village Mall. (formerly known as Mega Mall) Oh and have I mentioned before that Pluit Village is my favorite mall in Jakarta? I have tons of memories because I used to go here like every week during my childhood, and not to mention the location is near from where I live. Another good thing is this mall is not usually packed and crowded like other mall(s) in Jakarta because I am not a type of person who would enjoy spending 20-30 minutes to find parking space. (if you know what I mean)

That's why, I got pretty excited every time I know there is a new restaurant here. The restaurant is not really hard to find though, it is located exactly across Wendy's and Carrefour.

Ordering System

I didn't get to take the picture of the interior due to the crowd, but I could say that the place is quite big and spacey, there are outdoor dining area and indoor dining area. I reckon they could accommodate up to 100 people. One thing that I love from this restaurant is their ordering system, in case you didn't know, Mujigae utilizes self-ordering system through tablet PC that has been installed on each table for their ordering system. You just have to select the menu on the tablet PC, input your order, and that's it. (you don't have to worry though because the ordering application is user-friendly!)

Let's get started with their food!

Matcha Milk Tea (Left), Banana Milk (Right)

Matcha Milk Tea + Red Bean (IDR 17,3k)
The Matcha Milk Tea tasted pretty delicious as it had a hint of matcha flavor and I am so in love with the red bean. Green tea and red bean just can't go wrong, right?

Banana Milk + Matcha Pudding (IDR 19,1k)
The Banana Milk tasted super delicious as it had strong banana flavor and it's great to know that they combine the goodness banana milk with delicious matcha pudding!

Dolsot Bibimbap + Korean Fried Chicken (IDR 41.8k)
Dolsot Bibimbap + Korean Fried Chicken

This one is a set menu consists of dolsot bibimbap, Korean fried chicken, and kimchi. I am not a big fan of bibimbap, but I have to say that this one tasted pretty delicious. (and healthy with tons of vegetables) The eggs was prettily made with runny yolk and the vegetables were fresh. The Korean fried chicken was the highlight, it tasted super delicious with a hint of spicy flavor and perfect crispness.

Dolsot Bibimbap
Dolsot Bibimbap
Dolsot Bibimbap
Korean Fried Chicken

Bibimyun + Tokochi (IDR 38.2k)

Bibimyun is basically noodle served in bibimbap style, it consists of vegetables, noodle, deep fried egg and deep fried tteokbokki. It tasted pretty new and unexpectedly delicious as I love how the noodle was springy and well-seasoned. The deep fried tteokbokki was unique as it was crispy on the outer layer and chewy on the inside. (unique!)


Overall, I had a great lunch at Mujigae, the food they served was pretty unique and delicious, the service was good and the place is good. I have to say that they offer many twist of Korean food with affordable price. It's a good thing to know that they are able to innovate by creating Korean food that are suitable with Indonesian. Last but not least, I wish best of luck for Mujigae!

Pluit Village, Lantai Ground, Jl. Pluit Indah Raya, Pluit, Jakarta

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00

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