Kushiya Monogatari (AEON Mall BSD City, Tangerang)

Kushiya Monogatari

Kushiya Monogatari is an authentic Japanese D.I.Y (Do-It-Yourself) buffet-style dining destination that offers the ultimate experience where customers can fry their own selection of fresh and high quality foods in skewers (kushiage). Kushiya Monogatari is located at the newest mall in Tangerang area, AEON Mall BSD City. It is not really hard to find the mall, the only problem might be the parking space, because it was so crowded at that time due to the grand opening event, luckily I got the parking space in 5 minutes (yay!)

Cold Food Counter
Cold Pasta

The restaurant itself is not really big and spacey, I reckon they can accommodate up to 70 people. Since the concept is all-you-can-eat restaurant, you will find several food counter including the skewers' counter. The buffet area serves a total of 50 selections of food including appetizer, main course, soup of the day, beverages, curry, kushiage and dessert. I have to say that the price tag was pretty reasonable and affordable, IDR 128k for adult on weekdays and IDR 148k for adult on weekends, as for children below 10 years old, the price is IDR 98k for all days).


I didn't get many pictures as it was heavily crowded at that time considering it was the second day of their grand opening. The unique thing about the buffet is the changing menu every day, so you might have found different foods than I do here, although there were several fixed menu that will be available every day. I tried many selection of foods such as their hot pasta of the day (bolognese) and cold pasta (aglio olio), curry, salad, dessert and most of them tasted pretty decent and nice. I didn't get to try their soft ice cream because the machine was under repair at that time (sigh! I was waiting for the soft ice cream though :(!). Nevertheless, the chocolate fondue came to rescue as I always love chocolate fondue!

Chocolate Fondue
Chocolate Fondue

There were not many selections of ingredients to accompany the chocolate fondue, all I can spot is choux and mochi, both of them tasted pretty delicious. The chocolate flavor was quite strong and it was sweet, I bet kids will love this counter the most!

Let's get started with the main star, kushiage!


If grilling meat or boiling shabu-shabu on your table has been to mainstream, how about frying kushiage on your table? I bet this is the attraction of this restaurant as I haven't seen any restaurant in Jakarta with this kind of concept. (please do let me know if there's one!) Each table is equipped with fryer completed with the lid, to avoid bursting oil when you boil something that contains water such as veggies or takoyaki.

There is an instruction about how to fry the foods properly on each table, such as the frying time and tips, and I do recommend you to read it thoroughly to avoid any unwanted incidents. In short, the way to cook the kushiage is you have to batter the ingredient, add bread crumbs, and then dip it into hot oil for certain minutes.

Bread Crumbs

And it will result in something like these!

Most of the kushiage tasted pretty delicious, but if I had to choose, my favorite one will be the uber cute mini taiyaki (fish-shaped red bean cake) followed by the tempura! I just can't get enough of the taiyaki as it had decent amount of red bean as the filling and perfect level of crispness!

Mini Taiyaki

Overall, I had a great brunch at Kushiya Monogatari, the food they served tasted pretty delicious, their concept is unique, the place is nice and the service was great! I love how the server being helpful and responsive over the customer's question(s). If you love fried food, you might want to give this restaurant a try and I bet you won't regret it. I wish best of luck for Kushiya Monogatari and thanks for having me!

Kushiya Monogatari
Aeon Mall BSD City, GF (Ground Floor) Unit 19 – 21, Jl. BSD Raya Utama, BSD City, Tangerang
(021) 29168236

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00

IDR 128k++ / 90 minutes (weekday)
- IDR 148k++ / 70 minutes (weekend)

Child (under 10 y.o.)
IDR 98k++ (all day)


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