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Bobba House is a cafe and restaurant that serves variety of western and fusion food such as light bites, pasta, pizza, steak and rice. They also offer wide selections of beverages to accompany your food here. Established in 2013, Bobba House has 2 outlet(s) in Jakarta, one at Sunter and one at Sixth Avenue. I went to their outlet at Sixth Avenue which is their main and first outlet and I was quite surprised because this area was way more crowded than the last time I visited here. Well, who knows if this area might be the next "it-place" in West Jakarta, right?


The restaurant is quite big as they occupied two-storey building, I reckon they can accommodate up to 80 people in total. The interior is modern and simple, dominated with green and white color. The place has cozy ambiance that will make you want to stay longer here, especially because they also provide board game for you to play with your friend.

Let's get started with their food!

Chicken Schnitzel (IDR 50k)
Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel consists of breaded boneless chicken topped with veggies and served along with your choice of side dish (mashed potato / potato wedges / french fries) and sauce (mushroom / bbq / black pepper / creamy mustard) The chicken was delicious as it had perfect level of crispness. The mushroom sauce was amazing as it had a perfect texture with balanced flavor and the mashed potato was great as well. Bravo!

Beef Hamburg Steak over Rice 
Beef Hamburg Steak over Rice

The Beef Hamburg Steak was served along with veggies, sunny side up, rice and sauce. The steak was a little bit sweet, tender and had lovely grilled meat smell! (yum!) I tried their creamy mustard sauce for this one, the sauce was pretty unique and refreshing as it was dominated with sour flavor, but it definitely went well with the sweet beef hamburg steak.

Beef Hamburg Steak over Rice

Bobba Homemade Pannekoek (IDR 36k)
Bobba Homemade Pannekoek

(Look at those pretty combination of color!)

Bobba Homemade Pannekoek consists of baked pancake topped with oreo cookies, strawberry, kiwi, almond and a scoop of ice cream. The pancake had an amazing texture, it was baked but it still maintained the fluffy and soft texture with a hint of crispness. The topping(s) complement each other really well and I just can't stop admiring this dessert!

Bobba Homemade Pannekoek

Smoked Salmon Pizza (IDR 50k)
Smoked Salmon Pizza

Smoked Salmon Pizza is tomato-based thin crusted pizza topped with salmon, cheese, olive, and bell pepper. They were being pretty generous with the topping as I could spot tons of salmon and cheese. As a huge fan of pizza and not a big fan of seafood, I found this one tasted pretty decent.

Smoked Salmon Pizza

Bobba Charcoal Pizza
Black Pizza

The Bobba Charcoal Pizza is yogurt-based thin crusted charcoal pizza topped with smoked beef, cheese, bell pepper and veggies. The unique thing is they use yogurt instead of tomato for the base of the pizza which turns out to be amazing. The yogurt matched really well with the topping and I have to say that this is the genius invention for pizza! 

Dover Sole over Rice
Fish over Rice

Dover Sole over Rice might be perfect for you if you love rice, fish and healthy food as this one is combination from those aspects. The rice was topped with steamed dover sole fish and shredded veggies. The flavor of this dish was not really bold, I believe it would be better if they put stronger seasoning, but fortunately the fish didn't have much amount of fishy smell.

Fish over Rice

Beef Medallion Steak
Tenderloin Steak

The Tenderloin Steak was cooked medium rare and it was served along with veggies, mashed potato and mushroom sauce. The meat was perfectly cooked, it was tender, juicy and flavorful. The mashed potato was amazing as it had nice texture and good taste. Pour the mushroom sauce and this dish will be perfect!

Bobba Pasta

Bobba Pasta is fettuccine drenched with teriyaki sauce and served along with deep fried mushroom and sauteed veggies. It tasted pretty decent although it was a little bit too sweet for me, but I freaking love the deep fried mushroom as it tasted super delicious!

Mini Parfait
Mini Parfait

Mini Parfait is one of their newest creation as it will be sold to public sometimes soon. They currently have 2 flavors which are strawberry and vanilla. Both tasted pretty good, but if I had to choose, my favorite will be the strawberry one as it had perfect combination between sour flavor from strawberry paste and sweet flavor from the nutella, not to mention the crispy corn flakes were there as well!

Mini Parfait

Wild Lychee Fizz
Wildberry Blossom

The price range for beverages here are between 23k - 45k and there were many selections starting from bubble tea up to beer. I tried two of them which are mixture of strawberry and orange flavor served with jelly and lychee and mint flavor served with jelly. Both of them tasted refreshing and delicious!


Overall, I had an amazing lunch at Bobba House, the food tasted pretty delicious and some were outstanding, the place is nice and the service was great. I have to say that they are being really great in creating new and unique dish such as the yogurt-based pizza. I hope they could maintain the consistency of their food and I couldn't wait for the next new invention from them. I wish Bobba House best of luck and thanks for having me!

Bobba House
Ruko Citra Garden 6, Blok J5A No. 19-20, Cengkareng, Jakarta
(021) 29405583 / (021) 29405582

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 22.00

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