Spy Club Restaurant (Kemanggisan, Jakarta)


Spy Club Restaurant is a unique restaurant with spy mission concept located in Kemanggisan area. Some of you might be familiar with this area especially if you live in West Jakarta, but in case you don't, you can follow the map that I attached at the end of this post. Spy Club Restaurant serves various kind of cuisine(s) starting from Indonesian cuisine, Western cuisine and fusion cuisine with affordable price!


The spy mission is started once you arrived at the front door, you have to solve the clue and enter the password to enter the restaurant, but in case you are too lazy to do it, you can ring the bell and the waiter will open the door for you. The interior is pretty unique especially the outdoor area with so much natural lighting, definitely a good place to take picture (eh?), I mean to eat.

Let's get started with their food!

Secrettt (IDR 18k)

Secrettt is basically fried tofu topped with veggies and drenched with spicy peanut sauce. (also known as 'Tahu Telor') The portion was quite big and I bet this is good to be shared for 2 people. The peanut sauce was quite strong even though it was not spicy at all for me and the veggies did a great job in balancing the strong flavor from the sauce.


Spyghetti Tulio (IDR 30k)
Spyghetti Tulio

Spyghetti Tulio is basically spaghetti cooked with aglio olio style and served along with minced tuna. This one tasted pretty decent as the spaghetti was cooked al dente and they were being pretty generous with the tuna and the seasoning. It tasted quite bland but it had that good level of spiciness which might be quite overwhelming for those who can't stand spicy food!

Spyghetti Tulio

Sunrice Chicken (IDR 25k)
Sunrice Chicken

Sunrice Chicken consists of chicken, veggies, mushroom and rice topped with soft-boiled sunny side up. It tasted pretty decent as the chicken was delicious, tender and flavorful and I super love the soft-boiled sunny side up!

Sunrice Chicken

The Nutty Agent (IDR 17k) - Right & Iced Green Tea Latte - Left (IDR 14k)
The Nutty Agent (Right) & Iced Green Tea Latte (Left)

There weren't many selections for the beverages and I decided to try The Nutty Agent and Iced Green Tea Latte. Both of them tasted pretty okay even though I felt that it was quite watery and tasteless. Nevertheless, cold drink was indeed refreshing especially on the hot day!


Overall, I had a good lunch at Spy Club Restaurant, the food tasted pretty decent, the service was great and the place is unique. I've gotta say that the price was pretty affordable and I bet it will be a great place to hangout with your love or friends. The concept was pretty unique as well as I haven't seen any other restaurant with spy mission concept in Jakarta. Last but not least, I wish best of luck for Spy Club Restaurant!

Spy Club Restaurant 
Jl. Kemanggisan Utama No. 5, Kemanggisan, Jakarta
(021) 5485660

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 23.00

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