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Have you ever tried the signature "Pannekoek" by Bobba House? If you haven't tried it, I recommend you to give it a try! If you have tried it before, I've got a good news for all of you because Bobba House just launched eight new "Pannekoek" menu(s)! Even better, the "Pannekoek" menu now available in two categories which are "Sweet Pannekoek" and "Savory Pannekoek". The new menu is already available at their outlet at Citra 6 and will be available at their outlet at Sunter starting from next week.

Aside the new "Pannekoek" menu(s), Bobba House also added new menu called Bobba Madshake which is an innovative invention of milkshake. The Bobba Madshake will be available in four flavors such as Sakura Dream, Volcano Attack, Goreozilla and Strawberry Field.

Curious about the new menu? Here you go!

Chocolate Fever (IDR 55k)
Chocolate Fever

Chocolate Fever is chocolate flavored Pannekoek covered with ovomaltine, shredded toblerone, choco bites, jelly, bobba, fresh banana and topped with chocolate ice cream. If you love chocolate, I bet you will love this one so much as I do! The chocolate flavor was really strong thanks to the generous amount of ovomaltine and shredded toblerone. The banana also did a great job in adding fresh taste to the whole dish! Super yum!

High-C (IDR 49k)

High-C is a freshly made orange flavored Pannekoek served with round cut kiwis, jelly, bobba and sweetened mangoes drenched with sweet cream sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. It tasted sweet and sour as the orange flavor was quite strong which was good. The fruits were fresh and it does seem that this one literally High in Vitamin C! 

Merry Berry Pannekoek (IDR 42k)
Merry Berry Pannekoek

Merry Berry Pannekoek is a tasty strawberry Pannekoek mixed with fresh strawberries, jelly, bobba and topped with strawberry ice cream. It tasted pretty delicious as the strawberries scent were quite strong and the fresh strawberries managed to add sour and fresh sensation to the dessert!

Matcha Aisu (IDR 55k)
Matcha Aisu

Matcha Aisu is a Japanese green tea Pannekoek served with green tea flavored KitKat, jelly, bobba, and topped with matcha ice cream. It tasted pretty delicious as the topping were generously given and green tea flavor was mild. I bet it will be so much better if the green tea flavor was stronger as I am a huge fan of green tea dessert!

Goreozilla (IDR 52k)

Goreozilla is basically oreo milkshake topped with whipped cream, cherry, snickers, waffle, oreo, green tea flavored pocky and drenched with chocolate sauce. This one tasted pretty amazing as they managed to get the perfect sweetness for this milkshake and I personally love the addition of waffle as the topping!

Strawberry Field (IDR 49k)
Strawberry Field

Strawberry Field is basically strawberry milkshake topped with homemade cronut, fruit loops, strawberry jam, fresh strawberries, waffle and strawberry flavored pocky. I bet girls will love this one as the color of the milkshake is really pretty. This one tasted pretty good and the homemade cronut were amazing!

Volcano Attack (IDR 52k)
Volcano Attack

Volcano Attack is chocolate milkshake topped with brownies, marshmallow, chocolate flavored pocky drenched with chocolate sauce. This one tasted pretty delicious as it was super rich in chocolate flavor!

Sakura Dream (IDR 52k)
Sakura Dream

Sakura Dream is green tea milkshake topped with homemade cronut, fruit loops, corn flakes, green tea flavored KitKat and Pocky. As a green tea lover, my favorite milkshake was this one, it had a good level of sweetness and the topping did a great job in elevating the taste of the drink!

Sakura Dream

Greenomatoes (IDR 50k)

Greenomatoes is specially made vegetarian Pannekoek served with fresh tomatoes, mushroom, veggies and fried mushroom. I personally love the fried mushroom as it had a good texture, crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Perfect choice for those who love vegetarian food on your Pannekoek!

Mushroom Chicken (IDR 54k)
Mushroom Chicken

Mushroom Chicken is Pannekoek served with chicken, veggies, mushroom, bell pepper and grated cheese. It tasted pretty delicious as the chicken was nicely seasoned and it had a good combination of sweet and a little bit of spicy taste!

Katsu Mayo (IDR 54k)
Katsu Mayo

Katsu Mayo is Pannekoek served with chicken katsu and spicy mayo sauce topped with veggies and chili sauce. The chicken katsu was nicely seasoned and the meat was quite thick. Overall, this one tasted pretty delicious and perfect for fried food lovers!

Lady Pepper (IDR 55k)
Lady Pepper

Lady Pepper is a spicy blend of vegetable, chicken and mushroom drenched with homemade black pepper sauce. The black pepper sauce had a good level of spiciness although I don't really mind if it was spicier. The chicken was tender, perfectly marinated in black pepper sauce and flavorful!

Overall, I really loves all new menu(s) by Bobba House. I've gotta admit that dessert is the current trend for food and beverages scene in Indonesia. So, it's great to know that they put more attention to their signature "Pannekoek" menu by adding a lot of new innovative flavors and not to mention those amazing new Bobba Madshakes.

Last but not least, I wish best of luck for Bobba House and thanks for having me! 

Bobba House
Citra 6 Outlet:
Ruko Citra Garden 6, Blok J5A No. 19-20, Cengkareng, Jakarta
(021) 29405583 / (021) 29405582

Sunter Outlet:
Food Centrum, Lantai 1, Jl. Griya Utama, Sunter, Jakarta
(021) 29689808

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.00 - 22.00

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