Little Ming (Senayan City, Jakarta)

Little Ming

Say hello to Little Ming, the new Chinese-Japanese fusion restaurant at Senayan City. Apparently, Little Ming is the son of Ming Village (yes, literally a son) with fresher and youthful concept which is suitable for young people to hangout or chit-chat with friends or family. It is located just beside Ming Village at Senayan City mall.

The place itself is not really big but spacious enough, I reckon they can accommodate up to 40 people in total. The decoration is mostly filled with things that give off modern Chinese vibe. You can also spot a mini bar at the corner of the restaurant. 

Let's get started with their food!

Prawn Youtiao (IDR 48k) 
Prawn Youtiao

Prawn Youtiao is basically deep-fried cakwe with prawn filling served with mayonnaise sauce. It made a great appetizer as it tasted pretty delicious. It's a good thing that even though it was deep-fried, this one was not really oily.

Nori Tempura Edamame Salsa (IDR 45k)
Nori Tempura Edamame Salsa

Nori Tempura Edamame Salsa is another appetizer which is made from deep-fried nori sheet served with salsa made from mashed edamame. Plus point for the uniqueness of this dish as I've never seen salsa made from mashed edamame before and to make it better, it tasted pretty delicious and filling as an appetizer as well! 

Nori Tempura Edamame Salsa

Torikatsu Ming Fan (IDR 58k)
Torikatsu Ming Fan

Torikatsu Ming Fan consists of deep-fried chicken katsu served with special rice. The special rice was pretty unique and delicious as it tasted similar to hainam rice with a hint of Japanese spice on it and shaped like an onigiri. Kudos for the unique invention!

Char Ramien Tamago (IDR 48k)
Char Ramien Tamago

Char Ramien Tamago is fried Ming noodle served with half-boiled egg served with special chili sauce. I always love to eat fried noodle in Chinese restaurant because of the chili sauce and I'm glad Little Ming provide those super good chili sauce to accompany my Ramien! Taste-wise, this one tasted pretty decent with generous filling.

Papapao (IDR 38k)

Papapao is one of the dessert selection which consists of three pao with salted egg yolk, taro, and tausa filling. It tasted pretty delicious and I love how they use real filling instead of artificial filling!

Zumi Pao (IDR 42k)
Zumi Pao

Zumi Pao is deep-fried pao with lotus paste filling and shaped into super cute little-and-fat porcupine and carrot. It was served along with vanilla ice cream and I bet kids will definitely fall in love with this one as it's delicious yet cute at the same time!

Zumi Pao

Overall, I had a great dinner at Little Ming, the food tasted pretty delicious, the service was good and the place is nice. Oh, and they have a special service in which they will give one traditional Chinese toy every time you dine it here. I've got myself a little propeller blades during my visit here. Last but not least, best of luck for Little Ming and thanks for having me! :)

Little Ming
Senayan City, Lantai 3, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta
(021) 72781612

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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