Japango (Menteng, Jakarta)

by 11:53:00 AM

Japango is a new Japanese restaurant located at Menteng area near Sarinah. They serve various kind of Japanese cuisine starting from donburi (rice bowl), yakitori (satay), light bites and dessert. The place might be quite tricky to find as it is quite small and secluded. For a hint, it is located just beside FAME.

Bakmi MB8 (Mangga Besar, Jakarta)

by 11:17:00 AM
Bakmi MB8

Bakmi MB8 is a Chinese restaurant that served Makassar-style noodle and other specialty cuisine. The restaurant was established in 1985, so that makes them 31 years old this year. (wow!) If you have ever visited their restaurant before, you might notice that they just revamped their restaurant to be more modern and comfortable. The restaurant is located right across the Royal Regal Hotel at Mangga Besar VIII street.

[New Summer Menu] Pancious (Pacific Place, Jakarta)

by 7:38:00 PM

(It's summer time!)

Pancious has just launched several new menus to light up your summer time. (even though I feel like it's always summer in Jakarta.. lol!) The new menu will be available at Pancious outlet starting from 11 April 2016. The tagline for their new menu is #PanciousCoolSummer, curious about the meaning? Keep reading and you will find out why!

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