Japango (Menteng, Jakarta)


Japango is a new Japanese restaurant located at Menteng area near Sarinah. They serve various kind of Japanese cuisine starting from donburi (rice bowl), yakitori (satay), light bites and dessert. The place might be quite tricky to find as it is quite small and secluded. For a hint, it is located just beside FAME.


The place itself is quite small and I reckon they can accommodate up to 30 people in total. The good thing is, even though the place might seemed super petite and packed, the atmosphere was cozy enough. The interior was mostly dominated with wooden color which reflects Japanese-style restaurant.

Let's get started with their food!

Spicy Chicken Wings (IDR 28k)
Spicy Chicken Wings

Spicy Chicken Wings is one of the appetizer selection which consists of marinated and deep-fried chicken wings. The meat was tender and flavorful with a hint of spicy kick from the sauce.

Agedashi Tofu (IDR 17k)
Agedashi Tofu

Agedashi Tofu is  lightly dusted with potato starch or cornstarch and then deep fried until golden brown. It was topped with katsuoboshi and served along with soy sauce. The texture of the tofu was pretty nice as it was super soft.

Gyu-Tan Don (IDR 55k)
Gyu-Tan Don

Gyu-Tan Don is sliced beef tongue with garlic sauce served along with scrambled eggs and rice. The beef tongue was a bit tough with a hint of spiciness from the chopped chili. The scrambled eggs and warm rice made a great pairing for the sliced beef tongue. It's definitely a perfect meal!

Gyu-Tan Don

Chicken Katsu Curry (IDR 55k)
Chicken Katsu Curry

Chicken Katsu Curry is deep-fried breaded chicken served with Japanese curry sauce over rice. It tasted pretty delicious as the chicken meat was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. Though I personally thought that it would be better if the curry sauce was a little bit denser and thicker.

Azuke Ice Cream (IDR 17k)
Azuke Ice Cream

Azuke Ice Cream is one of the dessert selection which consists of Japanese red bean paste topped with corn flakes and matcha ice cream. The red bean was pretty sweet and I love how the corn flakes managed to add crunchy sensation to this dessert!

Overall, I had a great lunch at Japango, the food tasted pretty delicious, the service was great and the place was nice. I have to say that the pricing was pretty affordable even though the serving might be quite small. I wish best of luck for Japango and thanks for having me!

Jl. Haji Agus Salim No. 60, Menteng, Jakarta
(021) 3910081

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 11.30 - 23.00


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