D'KEVIN Bar, Bistro & Steak (Sudirman, Jakarta)

Chicken Berries Salad

(It's July already?!)

I know it has been a long time since I last posted an article on my blog (probably almost 2 months since my last post?), this might be a lame excuse, but I have been quite busy these days that I barely had any spare time to edit photo and write an article. But don't worry as I'll try my best to keep this blog alive! Oh and I just realized that Soompeat just turned 2 years old!

Today, I'm going to talk about the restaurant namely D'KEVIN Bar, Bistro & Steak which is located at Intiland Tower in Sudirman area. As you can interpret from the name, the concept of the restaurant is Bar, Bistro and Steak, but they do have various coffee and dessert selections which makes it a good place to have breakfast as well. (unless you would like to have steak as your breakfast)

Opening Hours

Interior wise, the indoor area of the restaurant is nicely decorated with modern yet vintage and classy vibe while the outdoor area is more lively. I believe this will be a great place to hang out with friends after office or perhaps for TGIF-ing after a hectic week. As I came on the weekend morning for the food tasting session, I didn't see a lot of customers that day. 

Let's get started with the foods, shall we?

Chicken Berries Salad (IDR 55k)
Chicken Berries Salad

Chicken Berries Salad consists of grilled chicken, mesclun, orange, apple, tomato drenched with berries sauce. The grilled chicken was deep fried to the perfection and I couldn't believe that I'm loving these vegetables thanks to the berries sauce. The sauce was sweet, sour and full of berries flavor which is great!

Chicken Berries Salad

Italian Grinder Tortilla Cup Pizza (IDR 75k)
Italian Grinder Tortilla Cup Pizza

Italian Grinder Tortilla Cup Pizza is tortilla cup stuffed with meat sauce, sausage and Italian gravy topped with shredded lettuce and cheese. The texture of the pizza was pretty unique as the crust was extremely crispy. Overall, this tasted pretty delicious!

Trio Bruschetta (IDR 55k)
Trio Bruschetta

Trio Bruschetta is basically garlic bread topped with mixed mushrooms, bacon avocado sour cream and basil cream tomato. The flavor of the sour cream and basil cream was pretty strong and it might be overwhelming for those who don't like strong taste. It has a little bit of bitterness in it but this one surprisingly suits my palate!

US Prime Rib Eye - 350 gram (IDR 399k)
US Prime Rib Eye - gram

All hail to the super good US Prime Rib Eye, this one tasted super duper heavenly delicious for carnivore like me. The steak was perfectly cooked and sliced to perfection, the texture of the meat was a little bit chewy but full of flavor at the same time. Perfect!

Overall, I had a good lunch at D'KEVIN Bar, Bistro & Steak, the food was great, the place is nice and cozy. It is such a shame that the service was not able to meet my expectation, the server was lack in knowledge about the menu and the service was slow. I do hope they could improve the quality of their service though. Nevertheless, I wish best of luck for D'KEVIN Bar, Bistro & Steak!

D'KEVIN Bar, Bistro & Steak
Intiland Tower, Lantai Lobby, Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav. 32, Sudirman, Jakarta
(021) 57906000


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