[Event] Pork & Roll Vol 2 - 29-31 July 2016 (Central Park Mall, Jakarta)

Pork Meatballs

(Calling all pork lovers in Jakarta!)

Good news! Pork and Roll Vol 2 will finally come back to serve porky goodness on 29 - 31 July 2016 at Central Park Mall. (yay!) Pork & Roll is an event specially for those who loves porky things. There will be a varieties of porky cuisine starting from Indonesian Style, Asian Style, Chinese Style and Western Style. Keep reading because I will give some spoilers of tenant(s) that will participate in the upcoming Pork and Roll Vol 2!

Pork and Roll

Pork & Roll Vol 1 which was held on April 2016 could be considered as big hit as it attracted around twenty thousand customers within two days. (wow!) That's why they decided to hold even bigger event namely Pork & Roll Vol 2

Below is the detail information about the event:
Pork and Roll

Now, I'm going to share about my experience in tasting porky goodness from several tenants during the food tasting session. Let's get started, shall we?

Bacon Up
Bacon Up

Bacon Up served Maple Bacon Donuts which is maple-glazed doughnuts served with roasted pork bacon. I'm loving this one as the salty flavor from the pork bacon and sweet flavor from the maple-glazed doughnuts create a unique yet delicious taste!


Warungku served a homemade pork sausage topped with dried coconuts and served along with warm rice and chili. I have to say that they were being pretty innovative by adding the dried coconuts on the top of the pork sausage to neutralize the sweet flavor.

Warung Seminyak
Warung Seminyak

Warung Seminyak serves crispy pork along with their signature sambal matah. The crispy pork was super duper heavenly delicious and it went really well with the spicy yet fragrant sambal matah! Perfect!

Sei Kupang Yummy
Sei Kupang Yummy

Sei Kupang Yummy serve roasted pork and special chili sauce. It tasted pretty decent and I have to tell you that their chili was super spicy. (but delicious!)

Sei Kupang Yummy
credit: porkandrolljkt

Bakso Subur
Bakso Subur

Bakso Subur serves fried pork meatballs, pork meatballs, fried pork and prawn meatballs with their signature broth. A bowl of bakso must be perfect for rainy days, don't you think so? 


There will be in total of 52 tenants in the Pork and Roll Vol 2. Curious about other tenant(s) who will be participating in the event? Here is the full list of the tenant(s) classified from the cuisine:

  1. Up in Smoke
  2. Camping Pork
  3. Diamond
  4. Bacon Up
  5. Porkaholick
  6. Kopi Pasar
  7. Pork Rock
  8. Tony Roma's
  9. California Pizza Kitchen
  10. Bread and Crumbs
  1. Bakso Subur
  2. Bakmi Berkat
  3. HogHock
  4. Bulgogi Rice
  5. Tim Ho Wan
  6. Morello Coffee
  7. Gyozaku
  8. Bubur Babi Ubud
  9. Mario
  10. Pan-Pan Bakut
  1. Miu-Miu Bakso Goreng
  2. Pork A-Mei
  3. Sate Babi Arang
  4. Ya Min Tek
  5. Nyonya Thjia
  6. Porco Cici
  7. Holy Pig
  8. Pork Me To The Moon
  9. Pork You
  10. Nasi Babi Oma Wawah
  11. Toskaa
  12. Canton Paradise
  13. Shioba
  14. Kwecap Abong
  15. Sate Babi Pramuka
  1. Warungku
  2. Porkiku
  3. Warung Seminyak
  6. Ngook
  7. Seidon
  8. BaBaBa
  9. Nasi Uduk Babi Buncit
  10. Sei Kupang Yummy
  11. Fatback
  12. Puro-Puro
  13. Torang Tiga
  14. Pig Me Up
  15. Allaboutmy.X
  16. Babi Nusantara
  17. Lolita's Bar
Pork Me To The Moon
credit: porkandrolljkt
Porco Cici
credit: porkandrolljkt
Porco Cici
credit: porkandrolljkt

So what are you waiting for? If you happened to miss the Pork and Roll event before, (like I am) Make sure you don't miss the upcoming Pork and Roll Vol 2!

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Pork and Roll Vol 2
Central Park Mall
29 - 31 July 2016

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