Brooklyn Cake Partea (Chakra Venue, Serpong)

Carrot Crumble Cake

Brooklyn American Cakery is another delicacy by Pancious group which specialized in baking varieties of sweet and savory cake. I was invited to attend the Cake Partea event by Brooklyn around two weeks ago and finally I got the time to share my experience there in my blog. (yay!) The event was held at Chakra Venue in The Breeze BSD.


It's my first visit to Chakra Venue and I would totally recommend you to visit there as the place was awesome! The event was accompanied by good music and beautiful decoration as expected from Pancious group. Now, I'm going to share some of the cake by Brooklyn that I've tasted there!

Black Sesame Matcha
Black Sesame Matcha

Black Sesame Matcha is one of their newest creation of sweet cake, it is basically green tea sponge with black sesame cream, covered with green tea frosting and topped with red bean. It tasted pretty delicious as the matcha flavor was quite strong and it was not overwhelmingly sweet.

Brooklyn Salted Caramel Honeycomb
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Brooklyn Salted Caramel Honeycomb is vanilla sponge with cream cheese filling and salted caramel sauce, macadamia nuts and honeycomb on top. It is claimed as one of their best seller from the sweet cake category. It tasted quite delicious although it was a little bit too sweet for my liking.

Southern Chicken and Spinach
Southern Chicken and Spinach

(What? fried chicken with cake?)

Southern Chicken and Spinach is mixed savory taste sponge cake of chicken and spinach topped with whole leg of fried chicken and waffle. It is one of their new creation for savory cake category. At first, I thought it would be weird if cake was savory instead of sweet, but I definitely changed my mind once I tried this one. It was super delicious, unique and I do recommend you to try this by yourself!

Carrot Crumble 

Carrot Crumble is carrot sponge with cream cheese filling completed with crumble and walnut on top. Not a big fan of carrot cake and I found this one tasted pretty decent, it had the carrot texture and it was less sweet than the other cake.

Carrot Cake

Strawberry Cheese Almond
Strawberry Cheese Almond

Strawberry Cheese Almond is cheese sponge layered with strawberry jam and cream cheese topped with almond cookies. This one tasted pretty delicious as it was rich in flavor and texture thanks to the combination of almond cookies and strawberry jam.

Overall, I had a great time during the Brooklyn Cake Partea event at Chakra Venue, the place and decoration was beautiful, the cake was great and the event was great. I wish best of luck for Brooklyn American Cakery and thanks for having me!

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