Rainbow Fever in the Foodies World!


Did you realize that these days "pretty" and "beautiful" has become one of important aspects in food and beverages industry? Perhaps, it is caused by the growing number of "Foodies" all over the world that prefer to have instagram-able food as the priority when buying foods for their lunch or dinner. Who doesn't want their food to be delicious and pretty at the same time, right?

That's why in order to follow the trend, the F&B world has come up with new idea to create rainbow-colored food such as rainbow cake, rainbow coffee, rainbow bagels, rainbow cheese toast and even rainbow cone. (which is obviously pretty and intriguing!)

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As a blogger, I always enjoy reading various kind of articles as I always like to learn about new things and gain inspiration and knowledge from reading. Sometimes, it might be quite tiring to find an article to read from various website, but recently I found the solution for this problem! (yay!)

Introducing Qubicle (http://qubicle.id/), the first social content platform in Indonesia which is a fusion of social media and blogging platform. You can find collection of article about photography, travel, food, etc in this website and it is absolutely convenient. Now, I guess I don't have to worry about finding inspiring article anymore, don't you think so?

credit:  http://qubicle.id

credit:  http://qubicle.id
credit:  http://qubicle.id

Ever since the first time I know about Qubicle, I always use it as the platform to find inspiring article that's posted by another blogger. The website is user-friendly and neatly designed which makes it even better for the reader.

Recently, while surfing through articles in Qubicle, I found one of the interesting article that discuss about the various kind of rainbow foods that succeed in grabbing the public attention in the social media such as these beautiful rainbow pancake with sprinkle of rainbow-colored chocolate on the top of the fluffy pancake

Rainbow Pancake
credit:  http://qubicle.id

In conclusion, I could say that rainbow fever is still a hot issue these days, people are not afraid of eating bizarre-colored food anymore as they are focusing more on the appearances of the food rather than the taste itself. (sad truth..) If you are curious about the article that I used as my reference in writing this post, you can find the full article on http://qubicle.id/story/dari-cake-ke-kopi-hidangan-rainbow-masih-belum-berakhir

Well, I guess the rainbow fever does not apply only in food, as it might apply to other things as well, don't you agree that those rainbow colored locks even look better and catchy?

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