What is the real meaning of Photography?


(Why do you enjoy photography?)

I believe everyone have their own reason of why they love photography. Well, as for me, I love photography because I could express myself through the photo that I captured. Photography is not all about using high-end or expensive camera, you can even do photography with most smartphone these days. It's about how you present your own color through your photo.

I do enjoy photography ever since I own my very first camera (in my old phone) and I realized that I have passion in capturing object especially food. Here is an example of my photo about skewers in one of Japanese restaurant in Jakarta.

One day, as I was reading one of my favorite one-stop platform to find inspiring article which is Qubicle (https://qubicle.id), I found one interesting article written by Mr. Agan Harahap namely "Project Mercury" (http://qubicle.id/story/project-mercury-2)

credit:  http://qubicle.id

credit:  http://qubicle.id
credit:  http://qubicle.id

The article was discussing about the real meaning of photography itself and there is one statement that definitely got into me and realized that photography is all about your subjectivity and not all about talent or skill. Here is the magic statement:

"Fotografer adalah individu yang mempunyai opini, penilaian, kepercayaan, dan lainnya sehingga apa yang dia bidik dan kapan dia memencet tombolnya membawa kadar subjektivitasnya sendiri."

In conclusion, I could say that you might have the same technique, same camera or same application to edit your photo with other photographers, but the photo won't be exactly the same as each photo has its own subjectivity element. That's what I learned from reading the article.

You have to keep in mind that when to press the shutter button will deeply affect the result of your photo. Can you imagine if I took this picture 5 seconds later? I bet the cheese will look bad and scattered.

If you love photography but you haven't started it because you don't own professional camera, you don't have to worry as most smartphone these days already equipped with decent camera to capture great photo.

Phone Photography

Last but not least, I would like to say thank you to Qubicle as my best portal to find interesting article and I do recommend all of you to check out the website if you haven't.

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