Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh (Mall Taman Anggrek, Jakarta)

Short Ribs

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh is one of the Teochew-style Bak Kut Teh restaurants in town which originated from Singapore. Founded in 1973 by Madam Gwee Peck Hua and her sisters Gwee Guek Hua, Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh has expanded it wings by opening their outlet in Indonesia, specifically at Mall Taman Anggrek.

Ya Hua

The restaurant itself is located on the 4th floor of Mall Taman Anggrek, it was not really big, but it was spacious enough and nicely decorated with Chinese ornaments that gives off homey vibe. The Chinese music and the dim lighting of the place definitely suitable for family dinner.

Let's get started with their food!

Short Ribs (IDR 73.5k)
Short Ribs

Short Ribs is one of their signature menu which consists of marinated pork ribs in peppery clear soup. In case you have never tried Bak Kut Teh before, I believe their Teochew-style Bak Kut Teh will be the safest choice for you, as the soup was not overwhelmingly strong, it was light with a hint of pepper. I recommend you to eat the soup while it's still hot and don't worry because you can refill the soup as you please!

Short Ribs

Bak Kut (IDR 55k)
Bak Kut

Bak Kut is another signature menu from Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh. Oh and did I mention that they use imported pork? The meat was perfectly tender and thick without any hint of bad smell. It's not only tasty, but it's healthy for your body as well!

Seaweed Soup (IDR 39.5k)
Seaweed Soup

Seaweed Soup is basically sliced seaweed served with clear peppery soup, scallions and fried garlic. I'm a big fan of seaweed and I am so in love with this seaweed soup. It tasted delicious and I'm feeling nostalgic when eating this soup. (I don't even know why, maybe because it's so good?)

Mee Sua (IDR 28,5k)
Mee Sua

Their Mee Sua tasted super delicious and I'm loving the idea to use the super good clear peppery broth for all of their dishes!

Mee Sua

Tao Pok (IDR 23.5k)
Tao Pok

Tao Pok is one of the side dish which is basically a fried tofu drenched with signature soy sauce. It tasted pretty decent and had quite strong herbal flavor from the spices.


Overall, I had a great lunch at Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh, the food tasted delicious, the service was great and the place is nice. It's good to hear that they recently made a lot of improvements on their food and service. If you have never tried Bak Kut Teh before, I do recommend you to try this one at least once, it's not as scary as what you think!

I wish best of luck for Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh and thanks for having me!

Ya Hua Bak Kut Teh
Mall Taman Anggrek, Lantai 4, Jl. Tanjung Duren Timur 2, Tanjung Duren, Jakarta
(021) 5639094

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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