Tesate (Menteng, Jakarta)

Tesate is an authentic Indonesian restaurant under Sari Rasa Group. (along with other restaurants such as Sate Khas Senayan and Sate Khas Senayan Express) Tesate might not be a newcomer in the F&B scene in Jakarta as it first outlet opened back in 2008 at Plaza Senayan. I bet most of you have tried their food or at least heard about it.


One of their outlet at Menteng which was established back in 2012 might be the biggest outlet as it's located in standalone building. The location and place was just perfect to have fine-dining or private party with your family or friends. On the weekend, there will be a traditional Indonesian music show to accompany your dining experience.


In order to celebrate Christmas season, Tesate will launch several new menus as part of their Christmas Set Menu which will be available from 13 December 2016 - 9 January 2017(yay!) The Christmas menu consists of:
  • Racikan Selat Lidah - Javanese-style braised beef tongue in tomato sauce served with vegetables and mustard sauce, a traditional dish of Solo influenced by Dutch culinary.
  • Klapper Taart - Warm young coconut cake served with coconut ice cream that will melts in your mouth.
  • Mulberry Mixed - A chilled refreshing drink made from mulberry.
The set menu is available in 3 options, the individual set for IDR 199k, the 2 persons set for IDR 395k and the 4 persons set for IDR 699k. You can also choose to have each dishes ala carte as well!

Christmas Set Menu - 4 Pax (IDR 699k)
Christmas Set Menu for 4 Pax - IDR 699k

The set for 4 was definitely huge in portion and I bet it's good to be shared even for 5 persons. The sauce was served separately in hot pot. One thing to be highlighted was their ball-shaped fritters. It was made from fried grounded potatoes tasted super delicious. (p.s.: I love the perfect crunchiness!)

Christmas Set Menu - 2 Pax (IDR 395k)
Christmas Set Menu for 2 Pax - IDR 395k

The set for 2 was definitely perfect with the same menu but with smaller portion. Everything tasted delicious and it's good to eat it while it's hot!

Racikan Selat Lidah

Klapper Taart (IDR 48k)
Klapper Taart

Klapper Taart is included as dessert in the Christmas set menu, but you can also have it as ala carte menu. It tasted pretty sweet and rich in flavor, the coconut ice cream was delicious as it had unique taste and fragrant coconut smell.

Mulberry Mixed (IDR 45k)
Mulberry Mixed

Have I mentioned that their Mulberry Mixed was freaking delicious? It had fresh mulberries inside and it tasted pretty refreshing and delicious!

Christmas Set Menu

Overall, I had an amazing lunch at Tesate, the food tasted delicious, the service was amazing and the place was perfect. It's good to see that they still maintain the consistency of their authentic cuisine after all these years. I do recommend you to try the Christmas Set Menu before you regret it because it will be available only for limited amount of time!

Jl. Sam Ratulangi, No. 39, Menteng, Jakarta
(021) 31931250

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.30 - 23.00


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