Ming by Tunglok (Senayan City, Jakarta)

Ming by Tunglok (or formerly known as Little Ming or Ming Dining) is a Chinese restaurant by Tunglok group (the same group that manages Dancing Crab) which is located at Senayan City. Apparently, they decided to change their name again to highlight their specialty as Chinese restaurant that's perfect to dine in with family, especially as the "Chinese New Year" is getting closer.

Red Pocket
Yu Shang

Interior-wise, the restaurant was simple yet cozy and I could see that the lighting gets better compared to their previous design. There are several VIP rooms for those who would like to experience private dining here. 

Let's get started with their food!

Yu Shang (IDR 388k (S) / IDR 488k (L))
Yu Shang

Yu Shang is an old Chinese traditions which symbolizing abundance, prosperity and vigor. It consists of various cold ingredients such as turnip, carrot, sesame seeds, parsley, jellyfish, ginger, etc. It was meant to be served cold as an appetizer. The interesting part is when the process of adding ingredients and mixing the ingredients begin, as new year wishes was also being told during these part.

Adding Salmon
Adding Gold Cracker

And here's the fun part, mixing all the ingredients and be prepared to have messy table!
Mixing Ingredients

Prawn Steak with Black Pepper Mayonnaise Sauce
Prawn Steak with Black Pepper Mayonnaise Sauce

Forget about the traditional plating for fried shrimp dumpling that you've seen before, because they definitely brought the prawn steak to the next level with pretty plating. The prawn steak might be small, but trust me, it was fully filled with plump and delicious prawn meat, not to mention the super good black pepper mayonnaise sauce!

Stir-Fried Pork with Zhen Jiang Style
Stir Fried Pork with Zhen Jiang Style

The Stir Fried Pork was marinated with traditional spices and black vinegar and it tasted heavenly delicious. The pork meat was super tender with right amount of fat and I love how the seasoning was pretty bold yet not too overwhelming. Seriously, you have to try this one if you happen to pay a visit here, because it's definitely worth it!

Black Pepper Beef
Black Pepper Beef

Their Black Pepper Beef tasted pretty delicious with a strong hint of black pepper flavor. It tasted pretty decent and plus point for the tenderness of the beef.

Noodle Soup with Smoked Duck Meat
Noodle Soup with Smoked Duck Meat

The Noodle Soup with Smoked Duck Meat tasted unexpectedly delicious despite it simple yet humble presentation. The broth was thick and rich although I found the smoked duck was a little bit tough.

Overall, I had a great early Chinese New Year lunch at Ming by Tunglok, the food tasted delicious, the service was great and the place is nice. It's great to see that they manage to keep the consistency of their food and I could see myself coming back to this restaurant in the future. Best of luck and thanks for having me, Ming by Tunglok!

Ming by Tunglok
Senayan City, Lantai 3, Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta
(021) 72781627

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun : 10.00 - 22.00


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